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Charitable Ratings


The National Multiple Sclerosis Society is dedicated to achieving a world free of MS. The Society is also committed to being an exceptional steward of the funds and resources entrusted to us in order to achieve that vision. As such, we encourage everyone who shares our vision to be fully informed, and confident in their choice to support the National MS Society.

There are several companies that provide information, and in some instances ratings, to describe the manner in which charitable organizations are governed, allocate resources, and transparently disclose public information. Because there are few, if any, common standards, each company determines the specific variables and methodology they use to gather, analyze, and communicate both information as well as any ratings they provide. This variability in approach can sometimes create wide disparity in ratings, and in some cases reflects an approach that is inconsistent with regulatory agencies or principles with which charitable organizations must comply. While such variability remains prominent, some agencies are working together to identify common ground; read more in a letter from three organizations addressed to the Donors of America.

Below are a few of the companies who provide information and evaluations of charitable organizations. Where applicable, inconsistencies with regulatory agencies or principles are indicated.

National Health Council Standards of Excellence

The National Health Council Standards of Excellence Certification Program acknowledges those organizations who maintain the highest standards of effectiveness and public stewardship. The standards are aligned with those of the BBB Wise Giving Alliance, but more extensive, covering the areas of governance, human resources, programs, fundraising, finance, accounting and reporting, and evaluation.

The National MS Society meets the highest standards of accountability, ethical practice, organizational effectiveness, and good public stewardship.

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