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Life with MS in 2015


The Strategic Response is the Society’s road map for the next five years, setting forth a bold set of goals and objectives that provide context for our ambitious plan. When we achieve these goals, the world for people affected by MS in the year 2015 will have improved significantly.

  • New therapies to stop disease activity in relapsing and progressive forms of MS will be developed and tested in clinical trials.
  • Those most severely impacted by the disease will have reduced personal and financial hardship. Quality of life will be significantly enhanced through new rehabilitation and symptom management strategies, greater availability of MS healthcare specialists, and increased opportunities to connect with others affected by MS and the community at large.
  • People with MS will have increased access to quality, affordable, timely care and symptom management. They will have greater access to health insurance regardless of pre-existing conditions.
  • Improved resources will exist in every state for home and community-based services, including long-term support and services. Each state will also invest in workforce funding and training to provide high quality home-based care.
  • The public will better understand multiple sclerosis and how it affects individuals and families.

Download a printable version of the 2011-2015 Strategic Response (.pdf).