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November 2013 Leader - Rudy Gurtovnik

The National MS Society works to improve the quality of life for people affected by MS in Arkansas and raise funds for critical MS research. Join the movement toward a world free of MS.


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Photo of Rudy  Gurtovnik

Rudy Gurtovnik

Rudy Gurtovnik began volunteering with the National Multiple Sclerosis Society in 2013 as a Wellness volunteer in the Programs & Services Department. Rudy has no personal connection to MS, but wanted to expand his knowledge of the healthcare and human services field; specifically program development and project management.

Quiet, soft spoken and diligent, Rudy takes his volunteer work to heart and during the past year, he has:
  • Developed a new survey to measure the impact of our wellness programs on participants. The survey has since gone live, and data is currently being collected. Going forward, we will be able to analyze this data individually and via comparative analysis to better understand the relationship between clients' various responses. This has not been done before at the Society and will provide us with crucial information.
  • Recommended an “incentive” program which resulted in a higher response rate to the survey. As of now, 87 clients have responded, which brings our response close to 22%.
  • Developed a scoring method that allows us to evaluate the impact of wellness programs on individual participants, as opposed to the previous survey that only offered a general overview.
  • Researched, assessed, and wrote partnership proposals for the potential YMCA partners to offer classes for our clients.
  • Written proposals and assisted in the development of an interest survey for the Leadership Council to offer yoga classes in the Houston area.
  • Created and edited training materials that will be used to educate other volunteers.
  • Assisted with budget forecasting and developed a new, formula-driven budgeting system in Excel, which replaces much of the manual counting and cost forecasting that was previously used.
  • Represented the Society at the UT Health Science Center Concussion Conference. Not only did he speak to a number of people about our services but he researched possible relationships between concussions and Multiple Sclerosis, and brought this information back to staff in the form of a report recommending that we educate our clients regarding the risks of concussions for people with MS.
  • Developed a new project tracking tool and is currently researching an interactive online tool that he hopes to integrate into the project planning system.
Rudy’s endeavors have enabled us to improve the efficacy of our services by providing staff with critical data, analytical tools and ways in which to better plan and execute our work. His skills, ingenuity and commitment are outstanding and truly represent what it means to be a Leader in the Movement.
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