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Sylvia Rubin
Lana Sternberg

Frances Sclingheyde
Roberta and John Williams
Kathleen and David Ebner

Carol Anne Mulholland
Roberta and John Williams

Gloria Maitre
Elaine C. Burman

Shari Alene Lantor Watson
Diane and Jim Jay
Mary Jane and Arthur Lantor
Terrie and John Lantor

Nolan Cartwright
Susan and Patrick Wickhem

Jack Gantz
Beverly G. Carr

Celia Leaderman
Robert Gair

Shari Watson
Beverly S. Laise

Marlin Rubin
Sarah Sunshine Rubin

Meredith Storme Young
Carol Lombardi DeVincentis

Sondra Gowdy
Ella Zarky

J. Grant Tolbert
Celestine Lee

Mr. Bill Kostich
Mr. Joseph G. Camello

Mr. Paul Silverman
Michael Prochelo

Karen Nelson
Loris Doorn

Gabe Ratnoff
Susan, Harry, Samantha and Matt Berenson

Lailee Bakhtiar, M.D.
Mary Kay and Robert Ward

Mr. John Bedsworth
Craig and Dan Mason

Jan Ganser
Robin and Sergio Frola

Dolores Hughes
Norma, John, and Dennis Achurra
Anne and Daniel Brown
Lorraine Melanson and Wilma Light
Laurel and Thayne Hammond
Widmer & Mills

Denise and Larry Bressler
San Gabriel Valley District, California Federation of Women's Clubs

Mrs. Shigeko Murashige
Noelle Ito
Barbara and Philip Ito
Jennifer Kuida

Madeline Passaretti
Donald Balestrier
 Jeanne Harrington
Kathleen Passaretti

Fred Dahl
Susan, Harry, Samantha and Matt Berenson

Karen Hassan
Betsy and Al Green

James Millar
Joye Branca

David Bradley
Virginia Duplessis-White
Tina Diem
Luz Dono
Maria Arcas
Jen Reeder
Evelyn Borrelli

Max Glantz
The Kramers

Betty Laughlin
Vada and Donald McKenzie

Stephen Cheshire
Mary Jean Dennis

Romie Stender
Lavonne and Dale Stucker
Heidi and Stan Goodin
John and Roberta Williams

Claire Lefkowitz Workman and Irwin Lefkowitz
Lori and Sandy Wilson

Tildean Silva
The Robinson Family

Nicki Butterly
The Chemistry Department of Whittier College

Faith Pearlman
Joni and Beverly Vernars

Arthur Dawley
Lori Morefield

Lawrence Jacobs
Janis and Neil Berkman

Margaret Martino
Joanna, Ira, and Zach Haber

Harold Emler
Denise Emler

Leslie Mosko
Bebe Richard

Christina "Marie" Miarecki
Kim Becker
Diane Banks
Roberta and John Williams

Kathleen Bryce Hannafin
The Barona Family
Thomas Dullien

Susan Boyle
Cindy Nunez
Calvin Hirahara
Marjorie Boyle

Angelo Petropulos
Tulla Chrisman

Sam Minas
Carole and Lee Abrams

JoAnna Lee
Roberta and John Williams
Angela Lee
Myrna Lee and Harry Olds

Rhonda Scott Marlow
Helen Franks

Dr. Norman Krevoy
Nina Brien

Walter Grauman
Nina Brien

Grant Johnson, Jr.
Margo Goldstein

Elaine Marks
Sharon and Perry Maguire

Eleanor "Ellie" Olsen
Clifford Lowe

Patty Williams
Mrs. Lois Girsky

Mo Rodriguez
John Rodriguez

Mr. Clinton Appel
BetteJo and Duane Schuyler
Erin and Greg Kolpak

Ms. Chris Shea
Rieke Office Interiors, Inc.

Dorel Eyster
Theta Chi Epsilon Sorority

Julie Hansen
Theta Chi Epsilon Sorority

Bettie Shaw
Theta Chi Epsilon Sorority

Shirley Delaney
Theta Chi Epsilon Sorority

Grace Schioppi
Garden Gate Needlepoint
Carol Cugno
Joy Bright
Gloria Wong
Michelle Castanon
Margaret Wallace
Phyllis Smith
Yvonne Lewis
Val Crean

Rhonda Pinheiro
Kimberlite/Conitrol Corporation

Roger Kettleson
Virginia Stevens

Jim Cavin
Shelley Carr

Morrie Roberts
Donna Lee Merz

Alex Rosenblatt
Lena Mills

Nanette Kuhn
Tina Appleford

Kevin Kley
Cyndi Turner

Hugo Paul Pomrehn
Gigi Brand
Mark Behrens

Fred Lee
Geri and Chuck Clifford
Bonanza Produce Co.
Roberta and John Williams III

Doris Elizabeth Wall
Frances and Walter Zubrzycki
Kathleen and Dallas Borger

Amiram Lurie
Adam Z. Lurie

Laura Guerra
Carol and Kent Cooper
Betty and Arnold Anderson

Marvin Fenster
Ann and Gerry Saltsman
Claire and Jerry Weissman
Marilyn and Mel Osterfeld

James Conway
Norma Faulkner

Catherine Harpster
Roberta and John Williams III

Lisa Marie Alagna
Donna Thomas
David Mancinelli and Family
Nanciann and Jasper Alagna

Dawn Sidler
Charlene and Steve Dimond

Rhonda Perkins
Sharon and Dale Winslow
Gerry Johnson and Family
Shirley Ready
Doris Reynolds
Ferrini Enterprises
Rosemary and Jack Dewar
Florence Tartaglia

Randall Miller
Linda and Mike Nolan
Hima and Bob Mautz

Jean and Jack Levine

John Stalis
Angelo Stalis

Marion Rabinowitz
Sheri Mills Safan

The Berenson Family

Master Page Does Not Exist

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To send your gift to us by mail, please address it to:
National MS Society
Attn: Tributes & Memorials
5150 W. Goldleaf Circle, Suite 400
Los Angeles, CA 90056


Fax: 310.479.4436

For more information about Tributes & Memorials or to make a gift by phone, please contact Katie LoBianco, Development Administrator at 310.479.4456 ext. 66106 or

Cards by Sylvia

Sylvia Moss, a local Santa Monica artist, paints abstract landscapes, which share her love for the environment and respect for nature. Since her diagnosis of MS in 2003, Sylvia has worked closely with the Southern California & Nevada Chapter to help raise awareness and funds through her art. When you make a tribute or memorial gift we will send a personalized card featuring Sylvia’s paintings to the recipient of your choice. View Sylvia’s cards

In Lieu of Flowers

Donations in memory of a loved one can be made to the National MS Society, Southern California & Nevada Chapter.

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