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Master Page Does Not Exist

Rhonda Perkins
Sharon and Dale Winslow
Gerry Johnson and Family
Shirley Ready
Doris Reynolds
Ferrini Enterprises
Rosemary and Jack Dewar
Florence Tartaglia

Randall Miller
Linda and Mike Nolan
Hima and Bob Mautz

Jean and Jack Levine

John Stalis
Angelo Stalis

Marion Rabinowitz
Sheri Mills Safan

The Berenson Family

Bruce Wolf
Joan Merritt
Rosalie and Stanley Weiner
Susie Enriquez
Lisa and Carla Enriquez
Carole and Raul Khantzis
Sherry Radis
Scott Wolf
Sharon and Ron Hasson

Carole Abrams
Lynn Friedlander
Geraldine Minas
Rochelle and Marv Skolnick

Lee Marlene Moore
Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck

Margaret Tossetti
Tom, Kerri, Niki and Matthew Moyer
Don and Nancy Sheets
Anita and Wayne Harp
Donald Troy

Wally Kenigsberg
Susan, Harry, Samantha and Matt Berenson

Mary Haungo
Pat and Larry Grossi

Jack Gantz
Beverly Carr

Fred Ex
Sandi Tamny

Marilyn Litman
Linda Galinsky and the LA Galinsky Clan

Roderick Gordon Leith
Colony Sunshine Committee

Susan Duck
Nancy and Jerry Glaser

Judith Schreider 
Nancy and Jerry Glaser

Patricia Steinhauer
Irene and James Gardner
Barbara and Jim Allen
Barbara Ripley
Mildred and Ray Courtway
June and Howard Zink
The Coito Family
Linda and Doug Matsumoto
Anna Lee Frea Schneider
James Turnmire
Linda Freitas
Barbara Barber
Elizabeth Lanse
The Petersen Family Trust
Pat and Norman Hansen
Bonnie Terkelsen

Kay Mora
Stephanie and Larry Smallie
Kristen Laurence
R & B Properties
Bernie and Vic Roznovsky
Candace and Bradley Roznovsky

Marilyn Werner
Elda Castelvecchi and Family

Bobbi Sandler
Norma and Steven Jacobson

Joy Palmer
Joyce Barkin
Jan and Daniel Chernin
Wendy and Frank

Alan Hanan
The Rudin Family

Mike Priest
Allison Little and Family
Janet and Ed Pafford
Pauline Little
Debra Sue Miller

Mark Robinson
Ellyce and Steve Field

Stanley Saperstein
Kristine, Pam, Robert and Rick
Mike Priest
Debra Sue miller

Lee Bruce McKemy
Paula Hill

Chris (Barbara) Carlson
Dortha, Sue & Ron, Dan & Kari, Erin & Megan

James Bynum
Jim Gentilcore

Carol Williams
Janice Peebles
James Williams

Mary L.
Mark Campbell-Foster

Stanley Saperstein
Sharon and Jerry Knoppow

Rosalie Rountree
Juliana Otis

William Overstreet
Stella Leue
Robert Stanfield

Mildred Luskin
Kress and Richard Darling

Jerry Sutton
Ann Cann
Janice Trenkler

Joyce Koltzan
Sunshine Fund

Claire Grossberg
Susan Wanstreet

Dee Horlacher
Elise and George Deckert

Doris Darlene "Dolly" Perkins
Gloria and Larry Faulk
Show & Go Car Club
Ruth Fox
First Baptist Church
Tandy & Marty Cook

Janice Lee Long
Sally Broili

Gail A. Cripe
Gerald Mayer

Donald Peter Brady
Cindy and David Custer

Dr. Leslie Aldrich
Jane and Leo Takeuchi
Carlene and John Tinker

Carla Kunin
Melvin Small

Doris Schwindt
Clea, Jeff and Tuesday Motch
Shirley and Paul Schallberger
David Webster
Connie and David Olson
Angelo Stalis

Robert Righetti
Ron and Bonnie Caligari

Rose Marie Savona
Frank Rocco

Hazel Cuff
Marian Saliter

James Beford
Roberta and John Williams III

Helen Frankel
Beverly Montgomery and Family

Roger Warren Craddock
Nina Brien

Lori Spielberg
Carolyn Block

Grace Prieb
Doris Brosi
Caolyn Shimizu

Julie Anne Sullivan
Paul F. Sullivan
Monica Gutierrez

Don Haskell
Janet Marra

Thomas Christopher Bauer
Carol and Jim Morris

Anna Louise Gentry
Mary Beckstead and Rose Smith

Robert Jackman
Lois Jackman

Timothy Ahern
Ken and Susan Slaght

Naomi Hershhorn
Beverly Turner

Dorothy Baer
Sharon and Wayne Woodrow

Audrey Elisabeth Birch
Lene, Nina, Sofie, Helle and Claus Birch

Laura Karasik
Ella Zarky

Betty Bookbinder Srole
Majorie Loring Gauley

Lena "Lee" Mills
Bernice Nehamen
Linda Ellman and Gary Mandinach
Julie and Dennis Saffro
Patricia Gumbiner
Donna Garber
Madeline and Morry Richman
Karin Stoller

Bill Celello
Mark and Barbara Rubino

Carol Peretti
Jim Markarian

John Mahon
Jean Cornwell

Master Page Does Not Exist

Contact Us

To send your gift to us by mail, please address it to:
National MS Society
Attn: Tributes & Memorials
5150 W. Goldleaf Circle, Suite 400
Los Angeles, CA 90056


Fax: 310.479.4436

For more information about Tributes & Memorials or to make a gift by phone, please contact Katie LoBianco, Development Administrator at 310.479.4456 ext. 66106 or

Cards by Sylvia

Sylvia Moss, a local Santa Monica artist, paints abstract landscapes, which share her love for the environment and respect for nature. Since her diagnosis of MS in 2003, Sylvia has worked closely with the Southern California & Nevada Chapter to help raise awareness and funds through her art. When you make a tribute or memorial gift we will send a personalized card featuring Sylvia’s paintings to the recipient of your choice. View Sylvia’s cards

In Lieu of Flowers

Donations in memory of a loved one can be made to the National MS Society, Southern California & Nevada Chapter.

Master Page Does Not Exist


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Master Page Does Not Exist