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Shelley Colton
Heather Rowland

Sandy Fischbach
Anne and Larry Wayne

Judy Cohen
Lynda Freedman
Shelley and Bob Myers

Gary Goldblum
Leah Rolnik

Lou Kempinsky
Leah Rolnik

Candy Bubar
Lindsay, David, Caleb, Matthew, & Nikki

Marcia Lambert
Sharon and Earle Lambert

Susan Wickhem
Patricia Wickhem

Steve Schwartz
Nancy and Dick Jacobs

Judy Griffin
Jeffrey Kant

Donald Kreiss
Francine Light

Raleen Heiman
Ellen and Anand Khokha

Anne and Aaron Epstein
Benjamin Breslauer

Sue Bayard
Nancy B. Glaser

Janet and John Nittinger
Frederick Thompson

Julie Traub
Pamela Beach

Jaqueline Renee Lobo
Beverly G. Carr

Vicki Gant
Margrit Oettinger

Candy Bubar
Lindsay Bubar

Corrinne and Lou Kempinsky
Leah Rolnik

Fern and Bob Seizer
Jeri Berger
Myrna Weiner
Tamra and Norman Nelson
Barbara Sterling & Robert Klein
Mike, Margie, Melissa, Meredith and Nick Victor
Maxine Finkel
Pereline and Alex Chaplan

Paul Ash
Floyd Siegal

Mr. and Mrs. Hal Forster
Lee and William Hahn

Caron Block
Nancy Ellen Holland

Nicole Marie Jones
Carmella & Roger Gonzalez

Denise Huether
Dayle Paulson

Anne Patterson
Michael, Gracie, and Hannah Patterson

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To send your gift to us by mail, please address it to:
National MS Society
Attn: Tributes & Memorials
5150 W. Goldleaf Circle, Suite 400
Los Angeles, CA 90056


Fax: 310.479.4436

For more information about Tributes & Memorials or to make a gift by phone, please contact Katie LoBianco, Development Administrator at 310.479.4456 ext. 66106 or

Dates to Remember

Give the gift of hope by making a donation in honor of someone special.

November 11th: Veteran's Day
November 26th: Thanksgiving:
Dec 6th-14th: Hanukkah
December 25th: Christmas

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