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State Action Day


At state capitols around the country, MS activists, Government Relations Committee (GRC) members and other volunteers convene annually to learn about MS advocacy priorities. Through coordinated in-person visits, they share those priorities with State Senators, Representatives, Assembly members, and other policy makers.

MS Activists Mobilize at the State Capitol in spring 2014

Last month, 45 leading MS Activists from around the state gathered in Sacramento to advocate for greater transparency for health plan drug formularies and medical procedures.   The lack of public information on the price of healthcare services, the paperwork required to attain care, and insufficient notification of benefit changes contribute to the burden of living with MS.  Our advocating for a more transparent healthcare system provides healthcare consumers with necessary information to make informed decisions.
Activists also advocated for increased provider network adequacy.  In order for an insurance plan to make affordable care accessible, it must have a robust network of a variety of types of healthcare providers. These providers must be able to see plan enrollees in a timely manner and must be located within a reasonable distance of where enrollees live and or work.  
Here are some outcome numbers from our Capitol Action Day:
  • 41 attendees comprising 14 visit teams conducted 70 legislative visits
  • 68 to 82 percent of legislators were either identified as supportive or likely to support bills we support AB 1558, AB 1917 and SB 780
  • 6 elected officials committed to speaking at WALK MS sites 
  • 16 legislative offices identified as having a personal connection to multiple sclerosis


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