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Women Against MS, Greater Hartford


October 17, 2014

Marriott Hartford Downtown
Hartford, CT

Women Against MS, Greater Hartford Featuring NBC’s Today Show’s Joy BauerJoy Baueer

Joy Bauer is one of the nation's leading health authorities. As the nutrition and health expert for NBC’s Today show, Joy shares reliable, practical and straightforward advice that helps millions of Americans eat better and lead healthier, more fulfilling lives. She also hosts the program’s popular “Joy Fit Club” series, which celebrates determined people who have lost more than 100 pounds through diet and exercise alone.

According to statistics, three times as many women are diagnosed with multiple sclerosis as men. As a result, women across the nation now come together annually, state by state, to learn through inspirational personal accounts about the effects of this potentially debilitating disease and the latest advances in treatment and care. Since 2001, these dynamic groups have been known as Women Against MS (WAMS).

Funds raised through Connecticut Chapter events, such as the Greater Hartford Women Against MS luncheon, ensure ongoing scientific research to find better treatments and a cure for MS. These funds also provide for the continuation of vital programs and services offered by the chapter for more than 6,000 Connecticut residents living with multiple sclerosis.

For more information,  please contact Meg Staubley, Special Events Coordinator, at 860.913.2550, ext. 52524, or meganne.staubley@nmss.org.

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What is WAMS?

Women Against MS (WAMS) is a fundraising event established in 2000 by a committee of dynamic female leaders. Since then, the WAMS event has grown exponentially each year. It is anticipated that more than 300 women from the Greater Hartford area will come together at the 2014 event to continue the fight against multiple sclerosis. Highlights of the event include a full-course luncheon, silent drawing and an agenda of inspirational presentations.

What is a Table Captain?

A Table Captain is an individual who commits to supporting WAMS by filling a table of 10 (one captain and nine guests) at the event. A table can also be co-captained with a friend (each Table Captain has four guests). A $100 minimum donation will be collected in advance from each guest.

I’m interested in becoming a Table Captain. How do I sign up and how can I fill my table?

Contact Meg Staubley at 860.913.2550, ext. 52524, and we will be happy to explain the process thoroughly. If you are interested, start compiling a comprehensive list of possible guests from your personal and business contacts, Facebook, LinkedIn, civic organizations, volunteer organizations, religious groups, friends, relatives, etc. While the WAMS event is driven by a steering committee of women, it is not exclusive to women and we encourage you to invite men who might be interested in attending the event.

How do guests reserve and pay for a seat at the event?

It’s simple! Here are the options:

  1. All guests must register and pay the minimum $100 donation in advance. Your Table Captain will provide you with pre-payment forms and return envelopes, which can be mailed to the Connecticut Chapter with a check or credit card number. If you do not have a Table Captain, you may also mail a check to the chapter indicating that it is for WAMS tickets. Please be sure to include the names of all attendees. Once payment is received, you are automatically registered for the event.
  2. Guests can also register and pay online. Please remember to enter your Table Captain’s name so you will be seated at the appropriate table at the WAMS Luncheon. You will automatically be registered for the event.
  3. Guests may also call the Connecticut Chapter at 860.913.2550 and register over the phone with a credit card. This is highly recommended if you are registering several people at once.

Do I need a ticket to get in?

No. Once you have prepaid, your name will automatically be added to the event registration list. All you have to do is give your name at the registration table.

What if I cannot attend but still want to make a donation?

That is wonderful! You may submit a donation at any time by mail, phone or online. Please indicate that you are NOT attending the WAMS event but, if applicable, include your Table Captain’s name.

How is my donation used?

Sixty percent of every dollar raised stays in Connecticut to support vital local services and programs. Forty percent of every dollar raised is used to support national programs and vital MS research. The National MS Society, Connecticut Chapter is very proud of its low overall fundraising and administrative costs. Of the money raised, 80 percent goes directly to helping people with MS.

Does my WAMS fee have to be a personal donation?

No! If you would prefer to raise funds to cover your $100 donation, or be sponsored by someone else, you may do so. Please be sure to communicate to your Table Captain and chapter staff where the donation will be coming from and who the ticket is for so that there is no confusion.

What is a sponsorship?

A sponsorship is a donation, usually from a corporate entity, that helps the chapter underwrite the expenses associated with the event so that we can increase our fundraising capabilities. There are many levels of sponsorship and a variety of benefits associated with each, including tickets to the luncheon and promotional opportunities. If you think that your company might want to sponsor WAMS, please contact Meg Staubley at 860.913.2550, ext. 52524, to discuss sponsorship opportunities.

Are there scholarships/discounts available for WAMS?

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer any discounts on WAMS tickets. There are many expenses associated with this event and we require a $100 minimum donation from each guest so that we can achieve our fundraising goals. We highly encourage that anyone who is interested in attending but unable to pay try to raise the funds. Many of our guests have successfully done this in the past and chapter staff will be happy to offer suggestions and assistance.

WAMS Hartford Registration

Click here to register for the Greater Hartford Women Against MS Luncheon.

Deadline: October 15, 2014 12:00 PM



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