Board of Trustees - National Multiple Sclerosis Society

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Board of Trustees


The chapter’s Board of Trustees is an elected group of volunteers with legal and fiduciary responsibilities for overseeing chapter goals, business operations, and focus in implementing the Society’s strategic response to MS.

Russell M. Parker, Chair

Carrie Marriott, Vice-Chair

Bruce M. Pearlman, Vice-Chair

Earl K. Chism, Treasurer

Cristina Antelo, Secretary

Donna Alexander

Mark Anderson

Brian Barkley

Steve Barry

Jeff Boden

Stacey M. Bowlin

Charles G. Byrd Jr.

Lee Calligaro

Keith C. Clark

James K. Conzelman

Neal S. Grunstra

Julius W. Hobson, Jr.

Kay Holcombe

Dora Hughes

Linda Jenckes

Paul E. Johnson, Jr.

Thomas R. Kuhn

Gary D. Labovich

Abbie Laugtug

Corby Lawrence

Karlyn Lothery

Alisa L. Maher

Michael McCloud

Michael I. Miller

Norah O'Donnell

Shawn O'Neail

Joan Ohayon

Bob Rusbuldt

Gregory L. Stephenson

Monica Turner

Michael Waxman

Allison Zidouemba

Ryan Zimmerman


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