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Current Advocacy Issues

Explore and take action on hot issues.


The National MS Society and MS activists advocate at the federal, state and local levels for increased MS research, access to quality care, disability rights, long-term services and supports and awareness and organizational support.
Until a cure is found, activists in the Washington, D.C., metropolitan region and across the country are currently pursuing health care reform, improved community resources, disability rights, long-term care resources, access to quality health care services, increased funding for MS research, accessible and affordable health insurance, accessible transportation, accessible and affordable housing, and sensible budget reductions.

Federal Issues

  • In Washington, D.C., we are working toward positive legislative change.
  • The National Health Care Reform Principles help guide our role in the national health care reform debate and determine the Society's policy priorities. Read the principles.

State Issues

  • Maryland: Read our current policy platform to learn about our priority issues.
  • Virginia: Read our current policy platform to learn about our priority issues.
  • Washington, D.C.: In the District, we are working to (1) improve the MetroAccess transportation program. Individuals with disabilities should have reliable and accessible means to transportation that will enable their full participation in the workforce and in community life. We will continue to advocate for improved accessible transportation. We also (2) advocate for fewer budget cuts in services to people with disabilities. We are advocating that future cuts to services offered to people with disabilities be made last.
In each jurisdiction we hold an advocacy day at the state capital to discuss these state issues. Virginia Advocacy Days are usually held in Richmond in January. Maryland Advocacy Day usually takes place in February. If you have an interest in either of these events, please email to find out more information. Even if you cannot be with us at the state capital, there are still other ways for you to participate.

Local Issues

MS Activists also work to address local issues such as building accessibility, fair hiring practices, accessible transportation, and other rights for people with disabilities.


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