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Find Resources and Support

The Society offers many programs and services to help people affected by MS live their best lives. Find resources in your area to learn, connect, and get support.

  1. IN PERSON Exercise

    Gateway to Wellness

    Gateway to Wellness is a five-week, professionally led course, designed to help people with MS learn ways to maximize their health and cope with the challenges presented by MS. Each session includes exercise and education.

    Multiple Dates
  2. IN PERSON Exercise

    Gentle H20 Low Impact (Leesburg)

    Exercise in the water to help maintain flexibility, build strength, and relax the body. Exercises adapted to all ability levels.

    Multiple Dates
  3. IN PERSON Exercise

    Gentle Yoga (Silver Spring)

    Learn how to relax through a variety of yoga techniques. Detailed instructions and modifications for special conditions and injuries will be provided. Please be comfortable on the floor.

    Multiple Dates
  4. IN PERSON Exercise

    Gentle Yoga (Lorton)

    A low impact yoga that improves strength and coordination in the body. Gentle yoga is performed sitting in a chair enhancing balance and muscle flexibility, bringing increased range of motion in all joints of the body. It also relieves stress and helps to bring calmness to the mind. It is appropriate for any type of mobility, whether ambulatory or using wheelchair.

    Multiple Dates
  5. IN PERSON Exercise

    Moving with MS (Germantown)

    Exercises to maintain flexibility in joints and muscle strength, includes relaxation to promote a sense of well being. Learn strategies to keep fit and to keep exercising outside of class. Instructor is Mike Alalof.

    Multiple Dates
  6. IN PERSON Exercise

    TR Swim for Physical Disabilities (North Bethesda)

    Aquatic exercise class for people with MS and other physical disabilities who want to work on their fitness and flexibility in an aquatic environment. Staff ratio 1:6, no personal care provided. Instructor is Pat Ameling.

    Multiple Dates
  7. IN PERSON Health & Wellness

    Yoga for MS (Vienna)

    Experience physical postures adapted to enhance strength and stability without overexertion. Learn breath work and meditation designed to have a soothing effect on the nervous system. Appropriate modifications will be made for people who are ambulatory or more comfortable practicing from a seated position.

    Multiple Dates
    Vienna, VA 22182See Map
  8. IN PERSON Exercise

    Financial Assistance - Physical Health and Wellness

    Offers funding to cover the cost of registration fees for community exercise classes, personal training sessions, or for physical health and wellness classes sponsored by the National MS Society. This does not include gym membership fees. Search the "Health and Wellness" section for classes in your community.

  9. ONLINE Live Fully, Live Well

    Live Fully, Live Well

    Managing your health and wellness is an integral part of "living well" with MS. Live Fully, Live Well is a comprehensive wellness program from the National MS Society and Can Do MS, designed for people living with MS and their support partners. Live Fully, Live Well covers topics affecting the whole family living with MS in order to strengthen relationships, increase understanding and promote improved health and quality of life.

  10. IN PERSON Exercise

    Adaptive Aquatic Exercise (DC)

    Exercise in the water to help maintain flexibility, build strength, and relax the body. Exercises adapted to all ability levels. Instructor Cynthia Webb-Manley.

    Multiple Dates


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