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Find Resources and Support

The Society offers many programs and services to help people affected by MS live their best lives. Find resources in your area to learn, connect, and get support.

  1. VIDEO Employment

    Career Crossroads: Employment and MS (DVD)

    Developed by employment and MS experts to help individuals living with MS remain in the workforce. The information is applicable to all people with disabilities or chronic health conditions.

  2. IN PERSON Exercise

    Adaptive Yoga: Floor Poses (Gaithersburg)

    Gentle stretches and modified poses help you gain a working knowledge of yoga and show you how to carry these approaches over into everyday activities. Participants in this class include individuals with MS, back pain, chronic pain, and those post surgery and injury. Postures and movements are explored while sitting or lying on the floor.

    Multiple Dates
  3. ONLINE Home

    At Home with MS—Adapting Your Environment (.pdf)

    Modify a house or apartment to save energy, compensate for reduced vision or mobility, and live comfortably when MS is severe. Many do-it-yourself changes. By Jane E. Harmon, OTR. (last updated August 2014)

  4. IN PERSON Long-Term Care

    Care Management

    The chapter provides limited assistance for a care manager (social worker or nurse) to help locate and coordinate community resources and benefits for individuals and families facing numerous challenges from MS.

  5. ONLINE MS Education

    Students with MS and the Academic Setting: A Handbook for School Personnel (.pdf)

    This handbook for school personnel explores the unique challenges and fluctuating needs of students with MS.

  6. ONLINE Clinical Trials

    Find Clinical Trials

    Clinical trials help to find solutions for everyone affected by MS. Find studies near you.

  7. IN PERSON Family and Relationships

    Holy Cross Hospital: Family and Caregiver Resource Center

    Holy Cross Hospital’s family and caregiver services are empowering caregivers with information, emotional and spiritual support—and links to critical resources.  We’re advocates for seniors—and serve their needs in many ways.  If you are caring for an elderly relative or friend who is ill or disabled it is our mission to give you the resources you need to provide this important service for your loved one.

  8. IN PERSON Support and Self Help Groups

    Newly Diagnosed Groups

    The chapter offers professionally-led Newly Diagnosed Groups several times a year in various locations. Groups meet once a week for three sessions. Individuals who have been diagnosed with MS in the past two years and their adult family members and friends are welcome.

    Multiple Dates
  9. IN PERSON Health & Wellness

    Free From Falls

    Free From Falls is a comprehensive 8-week fall prevention program designed specifically for people with MS who are able to walk, but may be at risk for falling.

    Multiple Dates
  10. ONLINE Legal

    Know Your Rights: A Legal Guide for People Living with MS (.pdf)

    Easy to read Q & A format containing information on employment, SSDI, family law, insurance, and more. Offers resources in each chapter, form letters and helpful guides for navigating legal difficulties.


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