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Find Resources and Support

The Society offers many programs and services to help people affected by MS live their best lives. Find resources in your area to learn, connect, and get support.

  1. IN PERSON Exercise

    Balance and Beyond (Falls Church)

    This class will help you enhance mobility, strength and flexibility. Advanced techniques from the FallProof fall prevention program are incorporated to challenge and improve overall wellness.

    Multiple Dates
  2. IN PERSON Exercise

    Gentle Chair Yoga (Silver Spring)

    Practice yoga seated in the chair and using the chair and wall to assist in increasing balance, strength and flexibility.

    Multiple Dates
  3. IN PERSON Social gatherings and networking

    Family Fun Days

    Recreational and social programs for families affected by MS, offered several times per year.

    Multiple Dates
  4. IN PERSON Health & Wellness

    Free From Falls

    Free From Falls is a comprehensive 8-week fall prevention program designed specifically for people with MS who are able to walk, but may be at risk for falling.

    Multiple Dates
  5. IN PERSON Exercise

    Gateway to Wellness

    Gateway to Wellness is a five-week, professionally led course, designed to help people with MS learn ways to maximize their health and cope with the challenges presented by MS. Each session includes exercise and education.

    Multiple Dates
  6. IN PERSON Exercise

    Gentle H20 Low Impact (Leesburg)

    Exercise in the water to help maintain flexibility, build strength, and relax the body. Exercises adapted to all ability levels.

    Multiple Dates
  7. IN PERSON Exercise

    Gentle Pilates (Lorton)

    Gentle Pilates improves core strength and increases flexibility in the body. Each Gentle Pilates class is chair based and will benefit posture and alignment in the body. Exercises for balance and body awareness will engage the mind also. This class is appropriate for any type of mobility, whether ambulatory or using a wheelchair. Instructor is Michelle Logsdon.

    Multiple Dates
  8. IN PERSON Exercise

    Gentle Yoga (Silver Spring)

    Learn how to relax through a variety of yoga techniques. Detailed instructions and modifications for special conditions and injuries will be provided. Please be comfortable on the floor.

    Multiple Dates
  9. IN PERSON Exercise

    Gentle Yoga (Lorton)

    A low impact yoga that improves strength and coordination in the body. Gentle yoga is performed sitting in a chair enhancing balance and muscle flexibility, bringing increased range of motion in all joints of the body. It also relieves stress and helps to bring calmness to the mind. It is appropriate for any type of mobility, whether ambulatory or using wheelchair.

    Multiple Dates
  10. IN PERSON Exercise

    Moving with MS (Germantown)

    Exercises to maintain flexibility in joints and muscle strength, includes relaxation to promote a sense of well being. Learn strategies to keep fit and to keep exercising outside of class. Instructor is Mike Alalof.

    Multiple Dates


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