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Board of Trustees


The chapter’s Board of Trustees is an elected group of volunteers with legal and fiduciary responsibilities for overseeing chapter goals, business operations, and focus in implementing the Society’s strategic response to MS.

Ann Larmore

Board Chair, Governance Committee
Lincoln Financial Group

Scott Thompson

Vice Chair / Secretary, Finance Committee
United Healthcare

Jeff Zaniker

Finance Chair

Jay Brammer

Governance Chair, Finance Committee
Gibraltar Remembrance Services

Nicole Misencik

Public Policy Committee

Monica Brownewell Smith

Midwest Region Volunteer Leadership Committee

Nick Dallas

Audit Committee Chair

Stephen Farber

Governance Committee
Heart-to-Heart Gifts

David Mattson, MD

Clinical Advisory Committee
Indiana University School of Medicine

Kevin Woodhouse

Audit Committee, Governance Committee
Ice Miller

Cori Wyss

Public Policy Committee
Lutheran Hospital

Lance Oxley

Pepsi Co.

Carl Buchanon

South Bend Fire Department

Mary Ayers

Dow AgroSciences


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