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Financial Assistance Program


Living with a chronic illness can be very expensive. People often find they are unable to obtain needed items that can enhance their quality of life and help them achieve their highest level of independence. The Society offers a financial assistance program to people living with MS who are in financial need.

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Anyone with a confirmed diagnosis of MS (or related disorder) who can demonstrate true financial need related to the effects of the disorder is eligible for the Program. Since resources are limited, the National MS Society may not be able to fulfill all requests or cover all expenses related to a needed service or item.

 Examples of eligible items and services include:
  • Equipment Assistance:
    • Provides a stipend toward the purchase of a piece of durable medical equipment such as a wheelchair, scooter, etc.
  • Home and Vehicle Modifications:
    • Provides financial assistance to help pay for home and vehicle modifications.
  • Health & Wellness Assistance:
    • Provides financial support for health and wellness related items, such as PT / OT evaluations, some exercise equipment, yoga class tuition, gym memberships, etc.
  •  Respite Care / In-Home Assistance:
    • Professional care provided to individuals with MS from a nursing care facility or agency so that their caregiver or carepartner can have a respite. Also includes chore and homemaker services.
  • Transportation Assistance:
    • Offers financial support for transportation to and from physical exams, therapy appointments, infusions, hospital visits/stays, and prescription pick-up or delivery.
  • Short-Term Crisis Financial Assistance:
    • Provides limited financial assistance to address emergency needs that affect the physical or emotional well-being or an individual with MS.
Please note that the Financial Assistance Program is not intended to cover doctor or hospital bills, credit card bills, insurance premiums, prescription medications or previously incurred expenses.

Application Process

In order to apply for financial assistance from the National MS Society - Indiana State Chapter, individuals must provide the following items:
  • Completed application
    • Click here to download the application (.pdf format)
  • Documentation of the cost of the item or service for which you are seeking assistance. Multiple estimate(s) may be requested for the item / service
    • In addition, a vendor will be required to complete a W-9 tax form in order for the Indiana State Chapter to issue payment. Click here to download a copy of a blank W-9 form (.pdf format)
  • Physician’s prescription or other supporting documents if this is a medically-related item or service
  • Confirmation of your diagnosis of MS, if you have not previously provided this to the Society:
    • There are many acceptable forms for this confirmation: a letter from your doctor, a copy of your medical record with MS diagnosis noted, or a copy of the prescription for your MS disease-modifying therapy.
  • Names of three other agencies you have contacted with your request and the status of each (included in application)
Please complete all paperwork and mail or fax to:

National Multiple Sclerosis Society - Indiana State Chapter
Attn: Marci Corbin
3500 DePauw Boulevard, Suite 1040
Indianapolis, IN 46268
Fax: 317-8702520

The Indiana State Chapter's Financial Assistance Program has a very specific review process. A committee meets on the first business day of each month and all determinations are made then.  Applications and supporting documentation must be received by the close of the last business day of the preceding month to be considered at the next committee meeting – no exceptions.

Here for You

If you have any questions about the Society's Financial Assistance Program or need help prioritizing your needs, please contact us!  We're here for you.

Contact Marci Corbin at or 317-870-2501.  You can also contact us toll free at  1-800-344-4867 option 2.


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