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Dora Lipcon Lending Library


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The Dora Lipcon Lending Library is housed in the Van Houten Family Resource Center.


  • Only two items may be borrowed from the lending library at one time. We are happy to send another item as soon as the first two are returned.   
  • Books and videotapes may be kept for three weeks. Please return your items promptly in consideration of others who may be waiting for materials. A due date card will accompany each item. Please remember to rewind the videotapes!
  • The Chapter will include a return postage paid envelope.
  • Borrowers will be expected to pay the chapter for lost books, videos, or other materials that are not returned.
  • If you come across any valuable material that you feel should be a part of our library, please let us know. We are always looking for new and interesting additions to our library.

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