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Research Study: Genes and Environment in MS


Genes and Environment in Multiple Sclerosis (GEMS): Integrating Genetic and Environmental Risks into an Algorithm to Predict Multiple Sclerosis Susceptibility

Recruitment Period: 
September 1, 2010 - August 31, 2015

Location of Study/Trial: 
Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Partners Multiple Sclerosis Center, Harvard Medical School. Potential subjects do not have to come to Boston and could reside anywhere in the U.S.

First-degree relatives (parent, sibling, or child) of MS patients; subjects are between 18-50 years of age

Principal Investigator: 
Philip De Jager, MD, PhD; Associate Professor of Neurology at the Harvard Medical School, Director of Basic and Clinical Research of the BWH Neurosciences Institute, and Director of Program in Translational NeuroPsychiatric Genomics at Brigham and Women’s Hospital

Harvard NeuroDiscovery Center

Description of Study/Trial:
To identify the genetic, environmental, immune, and neuroimaging profiles that may increase a person’s risk of developing multiple sclerosis (MS). Obtaining information about who is at risk for MS will be beneficial in the future in identifying effective ways to screen or prevent this disease.

Contact information

Irene Wood


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