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Research Study: Patients' Perspectives on Doctors and Pharma


Patients' Perspectives on Doctors and Pharma

Researchers at the University of Vermont, Oregon Health and Science University, the University of Colorado and Dartmouth are conducting a research study to understand MS patients' perspectives on relationships between their doctors and the pharmaceutical companies that develop new multiple sclerosis medications. In this study researchers are interested in MS patients' opinions about how physicians disclose financial relationships that the physician may have with a pharmaceutical company, especially as they relate to clinical research. This study is an online survey that takes approximately 15 minutes to complete. Responses to the survey are anonymous and no personal or identifiable information is requested. Any patient with MS is eligible to participate.

Complete online survey

For any questions about the study, please contact:
Andrew J Solomon MD
Assistant Professor, Department of Neurological Sciences
University of Vermont and Fletcher Allen Healthcare or (802)-847-4589


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