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Advocate for Change

We are MS activists on the frontline, moving together and speaking with one clear voice to advance federal, state and community policies and programs that benefit people with MS and their families. Become an MS activist today.


Current Priority Issues

Transparency of Coverage and Cost

Make sure consumers have the information they need to make good healthcare decisions.

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State Partnerships

Develop relationships with state agencies to raise awareness about MS and our community’s needs.

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Other Advocacy Issues

Home Modifications Legislation in Washington, DC

As more people choose to age in place, and as people with disabilities face challenges functioning independently in their homes, impediments to living safely in our communities must be removed. People with multiple sclerosis (MS), older adults and others with disabilities need resources that will assist them in making their homes safe and accessible or the opportunity to purchase a home that is fully accessible. Having a livable home will help people with MS remain independent, active members of their community for as long as possible.

Across the country, the National MS Society and MS activists are working on home modification legislation and your story can help with these efforts.

We are currently working on a bill in the District of Columbia that will establish tax credits and grants for the cost of installing modifications for a person with mobility impairment or other physical disability, to improve accessibility in residential housing.

The Safe At Home Act of 2015 was introduced by Councilmember Charles Allen (Ward 6).

If you have a story that will help demonstrate the need for a home modification grant or tax credit in DC, please complete the following survey about your experiences by Friday, October 16, 2015. We will not share your responses without your permission.


For questions or more information, please contact Kevin Dougherty at or 202-375-5606.



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