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AUTOS-4-MS Vehicle Donation

AUTOS-4-MS allows individuals and organizations to donate their unwanted vehicles to help those with multiple sclerosis. We accept cars, trucks, boats, trailers and motorcycles. We also accept recreational vehicles upon inspection. AUTOS-4-MS is a nationwide program and we are able to accept donations in all 50 states. The National MS Society receives 100% of the proceeds from the sale of each vehicle. Don't delay, help drive MS away by donating your vehicle today!

***Fill out and submit our electronic vehicle donation form prior to January 1 to be eligible to claim on your 2015 taxes! ***

Click here for our electronic Vehicle Donation Form and get started on donating your vehicle.

Contact Jim Leedy by calling 1-877-672-8864 or email

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Will you accept my vehicle? What are the guidelines for acceptance?

A: Currently, we are able to accept most vehicles unconditionally. In most cases, our towing companies require that all four tires be inflated so they do not sustain damage to their flat-bed tow truck.

Q: What if my vehicle is an older model and/or is not drivable?

A: If the vehicle is not drivable, it may still be donated. All of our vehicles sell at an open marketplace auction so there is still monetary value to expected from non-running vehicles.

Q: How do I donate my vehicle?

A: You can initiate the donation process by calling 1-877-672-8864 toll-free and speak directly to an AUTOS-4-MS representative. The representative will ask for some basic information about yourself as well as the vehicle that you are looking to donate. Then you will be asked to fax a copy of your title (both front and back) to 1-877-672-2774.

Q: What happens after I fax a copy of my title?

A: This is what happens after you initiate the donation process:

Once we receive the faxed copy of your title, we will forward that information to the corresponding towing company.

The towing company will soon contact you to schedule a time and date to have the vehicle and the original title picked up.

Sign the original certificate of title where it says, "signature of seller(s)," and place it in the glove compartment for pick up with the vehicle (or you may mail it directly to our address if you are more comfortable doing it that way).

Your receipt will then be processed after the vehicle is picked up, once we confirm that we have all the required title documentation (certificate of title and any corresponding lien release documentation associated with the vehicle) and once the vehicle has been sold.

Q: When will my vehicle be picked up?

A: Since we deal with a number of various third party towing companies, there is not a set time frame that applies to all donations. Generally if vehicles are in good condition (mechanical and cosmetic), those vehicles will be picked up generally within 2 or 3 business days. Other vehicles can take anywhere from 5 to 10 business days to retrieve. Please call to inquire about an approximate pick up time for your donation.

Q: Do I need to remove my tags?

A: Yes. You must remove the vehicle's tags sometime before pick up. Most people remove their tags either the night before or the day of pick up.

Q: When should I cancel my insurance?

A: Most states require that you first remit your tags to the appropriate governmental agency and then cancel your insurance. Check your local and state laws for specific cancellation requirements. For insurance purposes, the date of donation on your receipt will reflect the date that you initiated the donation process (the date that you faxed the copy of your title to our organization).

Q: What do I do with the original title?

A: We need the original certificate of title to successfully complete the transfer of ownership. Please either remit the title and any accompanying lien release directly to the tow truck driver or mail it directly to our organization.

Q: How do I fill out the title?

A: The owner(s) of the vehicle will need to sign the actual title where it asks for the signature of
seller(s). When signing, please sign your name exactly as it appears on the front of the title. DO NOT cross out or scratch out anything on the title; doing so will void the title and therefore cannot be used. If you make a mistake, please call us for options to correct the mistake. Please call to inquire if you need assistance in completing the transfer or ownership.

General guidelines on how to fill out the title:
Name of Buyer/Purchaser: National Multiple Sclerosis Society
Address of Buyer/Purchaser: 2219 York Road, Suite 302, Timonium, MD 21093
Signature of Seller(s): Sign your name
Printed Name of Seller(s): Print your name

Q: What happens if I do not have a title for my vehicle, can I still donate it?

A: Unfortunately, we are not allowed by law to accept vehicles without the corresponding title documentation. However, for a minimal fee, you can obtain a duplicate certificate of title from your local Motor Vehicle Administration or Department of Motor Vehicles. Please call to inquire if you need assistance in obtaining a duplicate title.

Q: What is a lien release?

A: A lien release or "Notice of Security Interest Filing" is a financial statement of release that shows that the vehicle in question is indeed paid off and does not have any current financial liabilities against it. Once you decide to finance a vehicle, a lien is then placed against it and then the financing company becomes the "secured party" (which means that they have current financial interest in the vehicle). Once the vehicle is paid off, the lien will be released.

Q: Do you require a lien release?

A: Yes. If the original certificate of title has a lien holder or secured party listed on the front of the document, we will need proof of release to successfully complete the transfer of ownership. Some titles have proof of lien satisfaction signed off, stamped, and/or notarized on the actual title, which is an acceptable form of release. Other titles may have an accompanying document either called a Notice of Security Interest Filing or a letter of release from the actual lien holder. All of the above mentioned documents are acceptable forms of lien release.

Q: Will the receipt be in my name?

A: The vehicle donation income tax receipt will ONLY reflect the person(s) whose name is printed on the front of the title, as registered owner. If your name is not printed on the title, you will need to complete the transfer of ownership form and obtain a new certificate of title in your name.

Q: When will I receive my receipt?

A: The general time frame for receipt processing is approximately 6-8 weeks from the time your vehicle has been picked up. The receipt will be processed once we have ALL the required title documentation (certificates of title and any corresponding lien release associated with the vehicle) and once the vehicle has been sold.

Q: Is my donating tax deductible?

A: The National MS Society is a non-profit, 501© (3) corporation, so your donation is tax deductible. You may be eligible for a charitable deduction on your Federal Income Tax. Your charitable contribution deduction may not exceed $500 unless the gross proceeds from the sale of the vehicle are in excess of $500, in which case your deduction may not exceed the gross proceeds from sale. Your vehicle donation receipt will state the"gross proceeds from sale" (the vehicle's selling price) as well as a printed statement that the sale of the vehicle was conducted in "an arm's length transaction between unrelated parties."

Q: Do you accept, motorcycles, boats and RV's?

A: Yes. However we have specific acceptance guidelines for these types of vehicles. Please call us to inquire if you would be able to donate your motorcycle, boat or RV.

Q: Can I help with the towing expense?

A: Yes. We appreciate towing expense donations, which are tax deductible as well.

Q: What percentage of the proceeds actually go to the National MS Society?

A: 100%. The National MS Society receives 100% of the proceeds from the sale of the vehicle. This nationwide program is run solely by the National MS Society and is based out of the Maryland Chapter. We do not use any third party, for-profit company, so our organization receives all of the proceeds.

Q: Do the proceeds really go to help those with MS?

A: Yes. Proceeds directly benefit individuals with MS through allocated funding which is used for client programs, services, and research & development. The only directly related expenses associated with vehicle donations include towing fees, auction fees, and advertising fees. A copy of our annual report is available upon request.

Q: Does this program give vehicles to those in need of one?

A: Unfortunately, no. With the stipulations of our current licensing, we are only able to sell vehicles that we receive to licensed retailers, through use of a licensed third party intermediary (i.e. auto auction).

Q: Is this program available in my area?

A: Yes. AUTOS-4-MS is a nationwide campaign and is able to accept donations in all 50 states.

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