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The Jumpstart MS Scholarship



The Jumpstart MS Scholarship, sponsored by Best Buy, is an award designed to encourage young teens affected by MS to stay on track toward post-secondary education and remain active and involved in their school and community.

To apply for the Jumpstart MS Scholarship with the National MS Society teens must:

  • Be in ninth grade
  • Live in the Upper Midwest Chapter service area at time of application
  • Have MS or have a parent with MS (verification of diagnosis required)
  • Submit required application form and related materials by deadline
  • Selected student must verify high school graduation by sending final transcript to chapter after graduation
  • Within 12 months after high school graduation, selected student must enroll at least half-time (two classes per academic term or equivalent) in an accredited, post-secondary institution.

Download the 2017 application now.

Will a scholarship be given out every year?
Yes, one $1,500 Jumpstart MS Scholarship will be awarded each year.

Is there an application fee?
No, we do not charge students to apply.

When’s the deadline?
The deadline to apply for the 2017 Jumpstart MS Scholarship is Feb. 3, 2017.

Where do I turn in my application?
Please mail your completed application to:

National MS Society
Attn: Krista Harding
200 12th Ave. S.
Minneapolis, MN 55415

I have some questions about how to fill out the form – whom do I ask?
Contact Krista at or 612-335-7937.

How much money is given to the recipient?
A one-time scholarship of $1,500 will be awarded at the time of enrollment in an accredited post-secondary institution. Scholarship payment will be made upon verification of enrollment into an accredited, post-secondary institution. Payment will be issued jointly in the name of the student and their post-secondary institution and will need to be endorsed by both.

What are the criteria that will be used to select the recipient?
All applicants must meet the basic eligibility criteria, fully complete the application and supporting materials and meet the published deadline. The Jumpstart MS Scholarship recipient will be selected on the basis of a review conducted by chapter volunteers examining components of the applications such as an applicant’s goals and aspirations, community involvement, personal essay, references and the impact MS has made. Decisions are not affected by a person’s race, color, creed, religion, gender or sexual orientation.

Who selects the recipients?
The National MS Society convenes a special volunteer panel to review applications and make award decisions.

Contact information

Krista Harding


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