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Advocate for Change

We are MS activists on the frontline, moving together and speaking with one clear voice to advance federal, state and community policies and programs that benefit people with MS and their families. Become an MS activist today.


Current Priority Issues

Transparency of Coverage and Cost

Make sure consumers have the information they need to make good healthcare decisions.

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State Partnerships

Develop relationships with state agencies to raise awareness about MS and our community’s needs.

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Thousands of individuals nationwide are joining a grassroots movement of MS activism. We give voice to people living with MS. We raise awareness for the challenges of MS and call for change. Together, MS activists take action and shape health policies to benefit people living with MS.

As a grassroots MS activist, you will receive:

  • The information and tools you need to understand the issues, the best ways to act on them, and how to reach out in your community.
  • An MS Action Alert e-mail when an important issue or piece of legislation calls for your immediate attention.
  • Our monthly Federal Focus e-newsletter—an update on MS activism successes, timely legislation, and emerging issues.
  • MS activists work with the public and private sectors to benefit the lives of people with MS and their families. Most of our advocacy is directed toward the public sector: federal, state and local units of governments. Private sector advocacy could involve urging a health care insurer to fairly cover MS treatments or requesting a local business to remove physical barriers to hiring people with disabilities.

Be an MS activist. Join the movement at or by contacting Abby Emanuelson, Vice President of Public Policy for NC and SC.

Federal Government Affairs

The Society's Public Policy Office in Washington, D.C. shapes federal policies and programs to better meet the needs of people affected by MS. When issues could impact people living with MS, we advocate for positive changes. We aggressively pursue healthcare policies that increase MS research, increase access to and affordability of quality health care, and provide affordable options for long-term care and more resources for caregivers.

State and Local Government Affairs

The Society’s 50-state network of chapters lead advocacy for MS issues at the state and community levels. With the help of grassroots MS activists, they pursue local policies and programs in both the public and private sectors to meet the needs of people living with MS. State and community issues focus on accessibility, healthcare coverage, employment, transportation, long-term care resources and more.

Priority MS Issues

Until a cure is found, the Greater Carolinas Chapter and MS activists are currently pursuing:

  • Health care reform
  • Disability rights
  • Continue with full implementation of the Ticket to Work, Medicaid Buy-In Program
  • Long-term care resources
  • Access to quality health care services
  • Increased funding for MS research
  • Accessible, affordable health insurance

Read the National Health Care Reform Principles. These principles help guide our role in the national health care reform debate and determine the Society’s policy priorities.


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