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Columbia, SC

State Action Day

Every day is a good day for MS Activism.


At state capitols around the country, MS activists, Government Relations Committee (GRC) members and other volunteers convene annually to learn about MS advocacy priorities. Through coordinated in-person visits, they share those priorities with State Senators, Representatives, Assembly members, and other policy makers.

On February 9, 2016, We Made a Difference.

MS Activists from across South Carolina convened on February 9th in Columbia for South Carolina’s MS State Action 2016, where they met with lawmakers to discuss the importance of the Livable Homes Tax Credit Act (H.3523). The bill will allow South Carolinian’s to recoup up to $2,500 in funds used to modify their homes to make them safer and more accessible. The MS Society is leading this effort in South Carolina with the support of AARP, AbleSC, and the SC Respite Coalition, among other consumer groups. Across the U.S., nearly one-third of states have similar campaigns being led by MS Activists.

Nearly 50 MS Activists met with more than 40 lawmakers and staff, were recognized in the House by Representative Chip Huggins (Lexington), and in the Senate by Senator Shane Martin (Spartanburg). MS Activists received a Senate Certificate of Recognition by Sen. Martin, a House Resolution recognizing the day as “MS Awareness Day” (H. 4854) by Rep. Huggins, and a Senate Certificate of Recognition honoring “MS Awareness Day” from Senator Joel Lourie (Richland).

We hope that you will continue to build on our momentum in South Carolina by reaching out to your State Representative today and asking them to support H. 3523, the Livable Homes Tax Credit Act, and request that they take action to get it passed in the House. Also by calling your Senator and informing them about the importance of this legislation, and asking that they support it when it comes to the Senate for consideration.

If you have questions about the measure or regarding how to contact your lawmaker, please call Kara Hinkley at 303-895-7789 or send an email to  

Follow up: Whether you attended in-person, participated virtually, or are hoping to become involved now--here is what you can do.

More on our priority issues:

In South Carolina, we advocate for expanding the Medicaid program to ensure access to medical care. We are learning more and more about the importance of early detection and treatment with disease-modifying therapies to stave off the on-set of disability for individuals living with MS. 

We support accessible voting - not just "barrier free" voting. This includes the ability to vote utilizing an absentee ballot, curb-side voting, utilizing a caregiver or another person of choice to assist with the voting process if needed, and we want to ensure that volunteers and poll workers understand the rights of all voters, including those living with mobility or cognitive issues, etc. 

We support increased access to safe and quality telehealth services for individuals living with MS. 

Questions or concerns? Chapter Programs and Advocacy Coordinator : Paige Dalton or Manager, Southeast Region Advocacy: Kara Nett Hinkley

We are All MS Activists.

If you have questions about the measure or regarding how to contact your lawmaker, please call Kara Hinkley at 303-895-7789 or send an email to


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