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Southeast Region Teleconference Series Audio Recordings


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Maintaining Relationships | November 12, 2013

MS poses many challenges to all people impacted by a formal diagnosis; everyone from the person diagnosed with the disease to the loved ones who provide their selfless care and support. Patience, empathy and understanding are among the keys to joint success in managing life with MS. Discover how to empower yourself and your loved ones to boldly
move forward together, despite MS.
Speakers: Dan & Jennifer Digmann,  MS Advocates

Top 10 List in MS | February 11, 2014 

This teleconference will highlight the top happenings in the field of MS, looking at diagnosis, current treatment options, rehabilitation therapy and more. 
Speaker: Wanda Begley, RN, BSN, MSCN

Overcoming Cognitive Challenges | May 13, 2014 

Memory problems, difficulty concentrating and slowness in processing information are all cognitive challenges ssociated with MS. In this teleconference participants will learn about the role of cognition in MS as well as information on cognitive rehabilitation, and tips to help manage cognitive symptoms. 
Speaker: Kristine Herfkens, PhD

Alternative Therapies in MS | August 12, 2014 

Alternative therapies are difficult to define and can include anything from drugs and diet to food supplements, mental exercises and life-style changes. This teleconference will help identify and discuss alternative options.
Speaker: Sibyl E. Wray, MD


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