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"New Jersey Metro Chapter Self-Help Groups"


August 1, 2014 - September 30, 2014

Recurring Event
See calendar for specific dates and times.

In Person

Click here for the December Self-Help Group Calendar

The New Jersey Metro Chapter sponsors 31 self-help groups in 14 counties. These groups bring together people who share a common life experience for support, education, and mutual aid. Members of self-help groups share a belief that positive personal change happens through individual efforts with the support of others. The benefits of self-help groups to their members include:

Learning new information & strategies for confronting problems.
Finding reassurance and support from others with similar life experiences.
Developing personal insights and achieving personal growth.
The opportunity to be helpful to others.
Feeling less isolated.
Learning to express feelings better and to be more sensitive to the feelings of others.
Feeling empowered and more self-confident in coping with challenges.
Developing a connection to a community and personal identification with a social group.

For additional information, contact the Chapter at 800-344-4867 or generalmailbox@nmss.org

Online Peer Connections

MS affects everyone differently- that’s why it is important to have someone you can count on to support you in the way that YOU need. Through the Online Peer Connections program you can search for and connect with a peer support volunteer who has “been there” and can provide you with helpful tips, suggestions and emotional support for the challenges that MS throws at you. Online Peer Connections volunteers have been through a rigorous screening and training process. What are the benefits of an Online Peer Connections relationship?

You can pick your own peer from a list of trained peer support volunteers from many different walks of life.
Connect with your peer right away via your email account. (Telephone support also available if needed.)
Have confidential conversations with the same peer about the topics most relevant to your life.
How to connect?  Go to the Online Peer Connections page and search for a peer by clicking http://www.msconnection.org.

Peer Support Through MS Friends

MS knows no timetable – this is why we offer support when you want and need it. The MSFriends program connects you with volunteers living with MS. The common bond of living with MS creates a unique connection. MSFriends volunteers complete a rigorous screening and training program and are focused on the needs of those who call for support. For more information, click here

Conference Call Support Groups

You (and your family and friends and caregivers) are invited to participate in Conference Call Support Groups for individuals living with MS.  These groups are created to meet the needs of people with similar concerns. The Conference Call Groupsare an hour long, free of charge and require no special equipment. These calls are easily accessible from your home and are a great way to connect and get support from your peers and professionals.

All groups provide opportunities to discuss MS-related concerns, experiences and resources. Groups are conducted by trained therapists. To participate in a group, you must be registered as a member of the National MS Society; membership is free. The specific groups include:

Children (ages 9-14) Who Have a Parent Living with MS
Cognitive Concerns
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual or Transgendered
Men’s Concerns
Newly Diagnosed
Pain and Spasticity Management
Parenting (for parents with MS who have children 18 or younger)
Residents of Nursing Homes
Stress Management
To learn more about these Conference Call support groups, click on this link (it will take you to the NYC-SNY Chapter website) http://www.nationalmssociety.org/chapters/nyn/programs-and-services/support-groups-and-counseling-services/support-groups/index.aspx   You can register online or via telephone. If you register via telephone, please indicate that you want to register for a Conference Call Support Group.SHG-Calendar-JulyAug2014(update7-29)pdf


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