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Find Resources and Support

The Society offers many programs and services to help people affected by MS live their best lives. Find resources in your area to learn, connect, and get support.

  1. WEBCAST Symptom Management

    Can Do Webinar: Recognizing & Rebounding from an MS Relapse

    Relapses are unpredictable occurrences in multiple sclerosis, and it helps to understand how to recognize one and what can be done to get you back on your feet quickly. Join Gail Hartley, nurse practitioner, and Susan Kushner, physical therapist, to understand what a relapse is (or what it is not!), what to look for in a relapse, when to call your healthcare provider and how relapses can be treated to speed your recovery.

  2. IN PERSON Treating MS

    Making Treatment & Lifestyle Decisions: Thinking Clearly about Benefits and Risks

    Join us for a FREE educational program about multiple sclerosis offered in Spanish. This program highlights the significant progress being made in developing new treatments and focuses on how people with MS evaluate benefits and risks when making treatment and lifestyle decisions. Our guest presenter is bilingual neurologist, Dr. Wendy Vargas from Columbia University Medical Center MS Clinical Care & Research Center. Light refreshments to be served.

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  3. ONLINE MS Education

    Below The Belt: Bladder and Bowel Issues in MS

    MS certified nurse, former clinic nurse coordinator at the MS Center at Study memorial Hospital in Attleboro, MA. Learn abuot common bladder and bowel issues that can arise with MS, as well as ways to treat and cope with them.

  4. ONLINE Family and Relationships

    Can Do Multiple Sclerosis

    Can Do Multiple Sclerosis, formerly the Heuga Center for Multiple Scelerosis, is a leading provider of innovative lifestyle empowerment programs for people with MS and their support partners. It has a web-based lifestyle empowerment program where you can interact with other participants online.

  5. IN PERSON MS Education

    Improving Independence in Progressive MS

    MS symptoms can sometimes progress to the point that they significantly interfere with daily activities. Maintaining control and independence in daily living does not always mean doing things the same way you did them before. This call will discuss how to navigate the world of assistive technology and suggest ways to modify your environment, at home and at work to optimize independence.

  6. ONLINE MS Education

    Invisible Symptoms

    People who have "invisible" symptoms of MS such as pain, fatigue, and cognitive issues and how to manage these symptoms effectively.

  7. ONLINE MS Education

    Management and Rehabilitation of Advanced MS

    This teleconference will present a brief overview of advanced MS and the current status of research and practical application of symptom management.

  8. ONLINE MS Education

    Multiple Sclerosis, Sex and Intimacy

    Just us for a forthright discussion about the personal and intimate side of living with MS. This presentation provides opportunities for participants to explore concepts of intimacy, challenge their commuication skills and explore a range of sexual expressions to awaken or enhance the sexual connection.

  9. IN PERSON MS Education

    Practical Guidance for Medical Professionals: How to Write an Effective Support Letter for a Reasonable Accommodation

    Linda Batiste, attorney from the Job Accommodation Network, will discuss the process involved and the best language to use when making these requests.

  10. ONLINE MS Education

    Top 10 List of MS Questions

    This call will address the most common questions and concerns facing individuals newly diagnosed with MS.