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Find Resources and Support

The Society offers many programs and services to help people affected by MS live their best lives. Find resources in your area to learn, connect, and get support.

  1. ONLINE Financial Assistance

    Financial Assistance Programs

    This nationwide program is comprised of a range of initiatives that support independence, safety, health and quality of life for people living with MS. This program offers guidance and resources to help contain the financial impact of MS.

  2. ONLINE Financial Assistance


    The Society’s Scholarship Program helps highly qualified students who have been diagnosed with MS, or who have a parent with MS, achieve their dreams of going to college.

  3. ONLINE Financial Assistance

    Veterans with Multiple Sclerosis

    The National MS Society is collaborating with the Department of Veteran’s Affairs MS Centers of Excellence to support improved care and support services for veterans with multiple sclerosis and their families.

  4. ONLINE Financial Assistance

    Partnership for Prescription Assistance New York

    PPARNY is a program that connects qualified, low-income people with discount prescription drugs, direct from the pharmaceutical manufacturer. PPARNY offers a single point of access to public and private patient assistance programs, including more than 150 programs offered by pharmaceutical companies.

  5. IN PERSON Emotional Health

    Crisis Counseling

    Learning to live with a chronic illness like MS challenges a person's sense of psychological well-being. Professional counselors are available to assist. Up to five sessions of crisis counseling are available for uninsured or under-insured individual.

  6. IN PERSON Long-Term Care

    Case Management

    Chapter members feel overwhelmed by their MS and are unable to identify and tap into available community resources that can help them cope with the challenges of having a chronic disease. A social worker is sent to the member's home to assess, plan and coordinate needs relating to long-term care issues, access to entitlements and financial management.

  7. IN PERSON Symptom Management

    NYC- SNY Chapter Air Conditioner Program

    The Chapter recognizes that heat creates problems for many people living with MS and may worsen their symptoms. Financial assistance can be provided to purchase air conditioners when it is medically necessary. A referral from your physician is required along with two price quotes from vendors. Funding is limited. Must live in the NYC-SNY Chapter territory to qualify.

  8. IN PERSON Adaptive Equipment

    Equipment Purchase

    The Chapter provides financial assistance toward the purchase of durable medical equipment (wheelchairs, scooters, shower benches) if the member’s insurance carrier has denied coverage or if funding is prohibitive.

  9. IN PERSON Financial Assistance

    Modifications: Home and Auto

    The Chapter provides financial assistance toward the implementation of home and auto modifications. A doctor’s prescription is required, along with a written assessment from the contractor, including needs and cost. All modifications must be ADA compliant. In addition, a written statement of agreement from the owner of the building is needed.

  10. IN PERSON Financial Assistance

    Home Care

    The Chapter provides up to 100 hours of home care services to assist an individual with the activities of daily living (dressing, bathing, personal hygiene, etc.) This program is not available for people with Medicaid or an existing insurance that includes home care as a covered service.