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Find Resources and Support

The Society offers many programs and services to help people affected by MS live their best lives. Find resources in your area to learn, connect, and get support.

  1. IN PERSON Support and Self Help Groups

    Living with MS Support Group- Brooklyn, New York Methodist

    Individuals coping with a wide range of MS related issues including more visible MS symptoms.

    Multiple Dates
    Brooklyn, NY See Map
  2. IN PERSON Support and Self Help Groups

    But You Look So Well Support Group

    A time limited group with a specific focus on adjusting to the changes that MS may bring for individuals living with MS who do not use assistive devices and whose symptoms are not easily observed by others.

    Multiple Dates
    New York , NY See Map
  3. IN PERSON Programs and Services

    Meet the Chapter

    Our Meet the Chapter program offers a chance for our constituents – members, volunteers, etc. – to get to know our Chapter by visiting us at our office in Manhattan. Staff will be available to answer questions on resources, support, programs, and volunteer opportunities. Chapter orientation materials will also be available to visitors. We want you to know that we are here for you and we welcome you to our chapter!

    Multiple Dates
    New York, NY 10017See Map
  4. IN PERSON Employment

    MS on the Job Web and Tele-Discussion Series

    Each group will start with a web based video presentation on the topic. An open discussion will follow. Members can ask questions and share what has worked for them. This program is only for individuals working with MS. Participation is limited so register early.

  5. IN PERSON Emotional Health

    20s and 30s Program: Everyday Matters

    Everyone has their own idea of their best life. For people living with multiple sclerosis, the idea of that “best life” can change due to the challenges of having a chronic, unpredictable and lifelong disease. Join the 20s and 30s Networking Group for an evening workshop that will explore “re-wiring” your brain to achieve greater levels of happiness and well-being.

    New York 10017See Map
  6. IN PERSON Symptom Management

    Free From Falls: Fall Prevention Program

    The National MS Society has developed a fall prevention program designed for people living with MS who are ambulatory but may be at risk for falling.

    New York, NY 10017See Map
  7. TELEPHONE Support and Self Help Groups

    20s and 30s Networking Group- Telephone

    Twenties and Thirties Networking Group: Monthly networking support group offered via conference call for individuals between the ages of 20 - 39 living with MS. This new offering is particularly for those outside NYC area who are not able to attend in-person networking group. Date/time TBD based on registration.

    Multiple Dates
  8. TELEPHONE Support and Self Help Groups

    Teens Living with Pediatric MS Support Group- Telephone

    Professionally-led group offers teens (ages 13-19) living with pediatric MS an opportunity to openly share experiences and coping strategies with others who may have similar life situations. Participants have the opportunity to discuss and share issues of special concern such as new diagnosis, school, coping with additional symptoms or the impact of MS on the family.

    Multiple Dates
  9. TELEPHONE Support and Self Help Groups

    Living with Primary Progressive MS Support Group- telephone

    A monthly conference call group for individuals with primary progressive MS.

    Multiple Dates
  10. IN PERSON Exercise

    Wellness 1 & 2- White Plains

    Wellness Level 1 programs are designed for everyone, including those who may require assistance to participate. Exercises are modified and done from a seated position. If you require assistance, you must bring someone to help you. Wellness Level 2 programs are for those who want to focus on a more advanced fitness regimen. Exercises are done from a standing position or while lying on the floor or mat and are minimally modified.

    Multiple Dates
    White Plains, NY 10605See Map