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Find Resources and Support

The Society offers many programs and services to help people affected by MS live their best lives. Find resources in your area to learn, connect, and get support.

  1. IN PERSON Support and Self Help Groups

    Glens Falls Self Help Group - Day

    Self-help group for people living with MS.

    Multiple Dates
  2. ONLINE Home

    At Home with MS—Adapting Your Environment (.pdf)

    Modify a house or apartment to save energy, compensate for reduced vision or mobility, and live comfortably when MS is severe. Many do-it-yourself changes. By Jane E. Harmon, OTR. (last updated December 2011)

  3. IN PERSON Emotional Health

    Ask Medicare

    The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services has a new service called Ask Medicare that provides information on a wide range of issues and can help you navigate the many social services available nationwide. For more information.

  4. TELEPHONE Emotional Health

    Care Management

    The Care Management Program helps those living with MS maintain independence and quality of life by making referrals and connections with service providers in the community who can help you to maintain physical, financial and mental health. Areas we can help are: Home safety and accessibility, SSI/SSDI, Home health care, Chore services, Employment assistance, Transportation, Medical equipment, Respite care, Financial and long-term care planning, Legal assistance, Emotional support and more.

  5. IN PERSON Emotional Health

    Well Spouse Association

    Providing peer support and education about the special challenges and unique issues facing "well" spouses every day

  6. ONLINE MS Education

    Students with MS and the Academic Setting: A Handbook for School Personnel (.pdf)

    This handbook for school personnel explores the unique challenges and fluctuating needs of students with MS.

  7. ONLINE Clinical Trials

    Find Clinical Trials

    Clinical trials help to find solutions for everyone affected by MS. Find studies near you.

  8. ONLINE Legal

    Know Your Rights: A Legal Guide for People Living with MS (.pdf)

    Easy to read Q & A format containing information on employment, SSDI, family law, insurance, and more. Offers resources in each chapter, form letters and helpful guides for navigating legal difficulties.

  9. IN PERSON Exercise

    Ithaca YMCA

    Be a part of a cause for strengthening community that is committed every day to helping you and your kids learn, grow and thrive. That's why we're here working with you every day, making sure that you, your family and community have the resources and support you need to learn, grow and thrive.

  10. IN PERSON Support and Self Help Groups

    Greece Support Group

    Support group for people living with MS.

    Multiple Dates