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Find Resources and Support

The Society offers many programs and services to help people affected by MS live their best lives. Find resources in your area to learn, connect, and get support.

  1. ONLINE Clinical Trials

    From Clinical Trials to Treatments

    This presentation is: From Clinical Trials to Treatments.

  2. ONLINE Symptom Management

    Solving Cognitive Problems (.pdf)

    Discusses mental functions most likely to be affected by MS. Self-help and information on cognitive rehabilitation. By Nick LaRocca, PhD, with Martha King. (last updated November 2011)

  3. IN PERSON Exercise

    Stretch and Strength for MS

    Come and explore this exercise class safely and at your own pace. Increasing your muscle flexibility and strength can help improve coordination, balance and endurance. Most exercises can be done seated. Instructor Barb Cacia, BS Ed, holds classes at the Pieters Family Life Center in Henrietta.

    Multiple Dates
  4. PRINT Mobility & Accessibility

    Affordable Accessible Housing

    A Guide for People with MS In Upstate New York

  5. ONLINE Emotional Health

    Multiple Sclerosis and Your Emotions (.pdf)

    How to manage some of the emotional challenges created by MS. By Rosalind Kalb, PhD (last updated December 2011)

  6. VIDEO Nutrition

    Nutrition and MS (video)

    This video provides information on maintaining general good health and following the recommendation of MS specialists that people with MS adhere to the same low-fat, high-fiber diet that’s recommended for the general population.

  7. VIDEO Treating MS

    Making Treatment & Lifestyle Decisions: Thinking About Benefits & Risks (video)

    Explores the factors people must consider when making treatment and lifestyle decisions, including when to begin treatment, the role information overload can play in decision making, and how to weigh the benefits and risks of a treatment or lifestyle decision. Download a copy of the companion book and transcripts.

  8. ONLINE Family and Relationships

    Intimacy and Sexuality (.pdf)

    MS can affect sexuality, both directly and indirectly, but problems can be resolved or minimized. By Rosalind Kalb, PhD. (last updated February 2012)

  9. IN PERSON Exercise

    Degraff Wellness Center Wellness Program (Buffalo Area)

    The Degraff Wellness Center Wellness Program offers a variety of exercises for individuals with neurologic challenges. A physical therapist will see you for an assessment and discuss your exercise goals, then design an exercise program to meet your specific needs and abilities. The programs consist of stretching, strengthening, and aerobic exercises in a fun-filled atmosphere.

  10. IN PERSON Support and Self Help Groups

    Livingston County Social Group

    Social group for people living with MS.

    Multiple Dates