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Find Resources and Support

The Society offers many programs and services to help people affected by MS live their best lives. Find resources in your area to learn, connect, and get support.

  1. ONLINE Employment

    Should I Work (.pdf)

    General overview of the employment issues that might concern people newly diagnosed. (last updated January 2012)

  2. IN PERSON Support and Self Help Groups

    Schenectady Sunnyview Bridge MS Self Help Group

    Self-help group for people living with MS.

    Multiple Dates
  3. ONLINE Family and Relationships

    Keep S'myelin: A newsletter about MS for children

    Keep S’myelin is a colorful, engaging, informative, and reassuring newsletter to help children and their parents talk and learn about MS together. Each issue is filled with stories, interviews, games, and activities that highlight a specific topic related to MS, as well as a special section just for parents.

  4. IN PERSON Exercise

    OASIS Adaptive Sports, Inc. (Outdoor Adventures for Sacrifice in Service) (Rochester Area)

    a non-profit organization offering instruction, equipment and support to disabled military veterans in a variety of sports activities.

  5. IN PERSON Exercise

    Reach for the STARS, Sitrin STARS (Success Through Adaptive Recreation and Sports) (Syracuse Area)

    an innovative, adaptive sports program that provides individuals with physical disabilities in the Hartford area the opportunity to engage in a variety of sports on a recreational or competitive basis.

  6. IN PERSON Nutrition

    Eat Right

    It is important to note that each person is different and should develop a meal plan that is right for his/her body and lifestyle. Any change in diet should be discussed with your doctor. If interested in working with a nutritionist to get a customized, energizing meal plan, visit the American Dietetic Association

  7. IN PERSON Exercise

    Taoist Tai Chi (Binghamton Area)

    Taoist Tai Chi Society® internal arts of health incorporate stretching and turning into a sequence of movements that improve the health of body, mind, and spirit. They reduce tension, improve circulation and balance, and increase strength and flexibility. Over time, these internal arts reach deep inside the body to benefit its entire physiology and restore the calmness and peace of mind often lost through the excessive desires and anxieties of daily life.

  8. ONLINE Clinical Trials

    Clinical Trials in MS

    Large Phase 3 trials in RR MS. Updated September 2013. Abbreviations Key: AAN – American Academy of Neurology. CIS – Clinically Isolated Syndrome.

  9. IN PERSON Employment

    MS: Plan Your Workplace Disclosure Strategy

    After you’ve decided to disclose your multiple sclerosis (MS) at work, it’s important to plan your strategy carefully.

  10. IN PERSON Exercise

    The Utica Curling Club

    offers an adaptive curling program.