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Find Resources and Support

The Society offers many programs and services to help people affected by MS live their best lives. Find resources in your area to learn, connect, and get support.

  1. VIDEO Employment

    MS & the Workplace: Employer Education DVD (DVD)

    Provides basic information to employers about managing the impact of MS in the work setting.

  2. VIDEO Exercise

    Yoga: For MS and Related Conditions (DVD)

    Who is this tape for? Anyone with limited mobility. This includes people with: Multiple Sclerosis, Mild Arthritis, Chronic Illness or Pain, Post-Polio Syndrome,or Chronic Fatigue. This tape is also for Seniors and anyone with daily stresses as well as people who are overweight or temporarily limited. If aerobics videos are too difficult, but you know that you need to exercise - This is the tape for you!

  3. ONLINE Work

    Increasing Accessibility

    Increasing Accessibility often requires the adaptation of tools and devices at one’s home or work — and becoming an MS activist in the community.

  4. ONLINE Financial Assistance

    Financial Assistance Programs

    This nationwide program is comprised of a range of initiatives that support independence, safety, health and quality of life for people living with MS. This program offers guidance and resources to help contain the financial impact of MS.

  5. IN PERSON Support and Self Help Groups

    Greece Support Group - 4th Mondays

    Support group for people living with MS.

    Multiple Dates
    Rochester, NY 14626See Map
  6. IN PERSON Exercise

    The Center for Disability Rights, Inc

    offers a vast array of services and support for individuals with all types of disabilities, regardless of age or income. CDR provides drop-in and structured recreation programs, both on and off site, through its recreation center based at the City of Rochester’s Edgerton Recreation center.

  7. ONLINE Emotional Health

    MS and the Mind (.pdf)

    A reprint from InsideMS. Covers depression, cognitive functions, mood swings, coping tips and medications. (last updated June 2008)

  8. ONLINE Clinical Trials

    From Clinical Trials to Treatments

    This presentation is: From Clinical Trials to Treatments.

  9. ONLINE Symptom Management

    Solving Cognitive Problems (.pdf)

    Discusses mental functions most likely to be affected by MS. Self-help and information on cognitive rehabilitation. By Nick LaRocca, PhD, with Martha King. (last updated November 2011)

  10. IN PERSON Exercise

    Stretch and Strength for MS

    Come and explore this exercise class safely and at your own pace. Increasing your muscle flexibility and strength can help improve coordination, balance and endurance. Most exercises can be done seated. Instructor Barb Cacia, BS Ed, holds classes at the Pieters Family Life Center in Henrietta.

    Multiple Dates