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Fundraising Events

Upcoming Events

Participate, donate, or volunteer in events that fuel solutions for everyone affected by MS.

More Upcoming Events

Here are more ways you can join the movement and make a difference.

DIY Fundraising Events

Do It Yourself Fundraising is an opportunity for people in our area who are committed to the MS cause to raise awareness and critical funds for the MS movement in new and creative ways.

New ways to help end MS - invented by you!

An exciting opportunity for people with a commitment to the MS movement to raise awareness and critical funds in new and creative ways.

Get Started

Get Started

Finish MS

Finish MS offers runners, cyclists, swimmers and endurance athletes of all types the chance to create a world free of MS while pushing their own personal limits.

Finish MS

Finish MS

Click here to get started with your DIY Fundraising event today!

As an expanded version of DIY Fundraising, we also offer – a website tailored entirely for endurance sports enthusiasts to raise awareness and funds while participating in any third-party endurance event. Swim, run, paddle, snowshoe, or participate in any distance event to show your commitment to finish MS.  Visit for training resources and to register your distance event today.

If you need assistance getting started, please contact Ashley Greenman at 585-271-0966 ext 70322 or by emailing

Check out a few of the Current DIY Events Going On


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