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  1. ONLINE Social & Emotional support

    It Takes Two to… Communicate

    Brought to you by Can Do MS. Please join Beth Bullard, an occupational therapist, and Rosalind Kalb, a clinical psychologist, for a conversation about how to set yourself up for success with your close relationships, whether you’re trying to make a request, resolve a conflict, make a plan or just share your feelings.

  2. ONLINE Health & Wellness

    Holistic Tips to Healthy Eating and Exercise

    An important way to stay healthy is to adopt a healthy diet and to exercise regularly. Healthy habits include making creating a balanced diet, implementing an exercise program and also having enough time for relaxation. Nutrition and exercise are the cornerstones of living well and will foster a healthy lifestyle with your MS.

  3. ONLINE Partner Programs

    Pharmaceutical Financial Assistance Programs

    A list of pharmaceutical and non profit financial assistance programs to assist with the costs of MS medications.