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Scholarship Program Recipients


MS shouldn’t stand in the way of an education. This is why the National MS Society's scholarship program exists — to help highly qualified students who have been diagnosed with MS or who have a parent with MS achieve their dreams of going to college.


2014 Oregon Scholarship Recipients

Congratulations to each of the scholars! We are proud to recognize the determination, success and ambition of these extraordinary people.


McKenzie Hughes

"Many days, it is not my mom who gets out of bed, but her MS.  Each day is saturated with uncertainty: what will go wrong? How many times will she stumble today? Will she be alright without me by her side? I often feel impelled to be at my mom’s aid to ensure that she is safe from every lurking threat.  Realistically, this is not soluble.”

Tyler L. Heidt

“In the near future I will be attending OSU, in Corvallis.  I plan to major in Biology and minor in Sports Science Medicine. These will be the stepping stones to achieving my overall goal of becoming a Certified Physician’s Assistant.  I have always wanted to help people. But when my father was diagnosed 5 years ago, I knew that the medical field was where I wanted to be.  Without your gracious support I couldn’t achieve my dreams."

Noah A. Teeter

“My mother, who has had MS for as long as I can remember, has always struggled with it. When she started volunteering and coming back from the Walk MS and Bike MS events she seemed more cheerful and happy than when I would normally see her. She surrounded herself with people who knew what it was like to be in her situation and to feel the same as her.”

Madison Muhlhauser

“Cooking meals for the family and going to the grocery store are just little things that have reassured my mother that it is okay to have down time. My mom has taught me the successful roles of a housewife and an independent woman, potentially preparing me for my future.  This experience in my life has allowed me to bring out my motherly tendencies; I enjoy keeping my home happy, clean and properly prepared.”

Ryen Parno

“Before her diagnosis and before we knew why she was feeling so sick, I was often frustrated with the lack of energy my mom had and the lack of enthusiasm it appeared she had for what was happening in our family life. I felt it was unfair.  After the diagnosis, I started researching the disease, and ultimately decided to volunteer at the National MS Society, Oregon Chapter, in order to show my support for my mom and others in similar situations.”

Isaac L. Marron

“There are many places my mom can’t go now.  Walking has become very difficult for her so when there are places that the walker or wheelchair can’t go, like the sand dunes or when it is snowy, I put her on my back.  I want her to experience and see the view as badly as I myself want to see it.  Through small things like carrying her or being light-hearted, I don’t let MS become something that is always in the way of living life, but make it a part of everyday life.”

Emily E. Christman

“It was up to me to help support mom at home, cook dinner for everyone which became quite the task when Dad went on a special diet that has so far worked very well in controlling the MS.  Right now he can’t have any saturated fat which also means no dairy. The diet change was quite an impact on our family because we decided to help support him by also taking up the diet. Dinner got very interesting some days but we’ve managed to figure out how to cook without using saturated fats.”

Erin K. Heath

“The most important thing that I’ve gained from my experiences with Multiple Sclerosis, however, has nothing to do with my own self-image, but rather how I see others.  The effects of MS aren’t always visible, just like any other hardship someone may be going through such as depression, anxiety, abuse, etc.  Because of the invisibility of MS, when people look at my family they are quick to judge and believe that nothing is wrong."

Samantha Brewer

“MS has defined the person I am. This monster has taught me lessons on life that I feel privileged for. It may have altered my life in the beginning, but in the end it has taught me how to be grateful. Each day truly is a gift that shouldn’t be wasted dwelling on circumstances that can’t be changed. My dad will always be my inspiration as I move on to pursue my future ambitions.”


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