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Resource Library


We provide access to current, accurate and comprehensive information to persons living with MS and those who care for them.

Books and other media resources are available through the Resource Library at no cost to those living with MS and their families.

When you place a library request, your order will remain on file until it is completed. All items are mailed based on availability.  Some popular items will be placed on back order until they are returned from other borrowers. It is not necessary to place an order twice.

We ask that you return all books within three weeks of the date you receive them. For your convenience, all packages are shipped with a pre-paid return envelope for returning the items.  It is important to return items as soon as you finish so others can enjoy them. It is our policy to mail two books at a time; additional books on-order will be mailed in increments of two upon the return of checked-out items. This process will continue until your order is complete.

Multiple Sclerosis Basic Facts Series

The Multiple Sclerosis Basic Facts Series and brochures contain information on specific symptoms and common questions. The Basic Facts Series and all brochures can be downloaded online.


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