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Find Resources and Support

The Society offers many programs and services to help people affected by MS live their best lives. Find resources in your area to learn, connect, and get support.

  1. IN PERSON Exercise

    MS Yoga Class: Texarkana (Hatha Yoga)

    Hatha Yoga is a mat class that incorporates yoga, basic stretching poses, breathing, and relaxation techniques.

    Multiple Dates
    Texarkana , TX 75503See Map
  2. IN PERSON Exercise

    Art Therapy: Houston (Healing Art)

    Discover the healing power of art in this award-winning outreach program. Students explore various techniques with paint on canvas or watercolor on paper, along with occasional special projects.

    Multiple Dates
    Houston, TX 77006See Map
  3. IN PERSON Exercise

    MS Aquatics Class: Keller

    Multiple Dates
    Keller, TX 76248See Map
  4. IN PERSON Exercise

    MS Aquatics Class: Midland

    This is a no-impact workout method of exercise and is designed to increase activity level, facilitate independent mobility and provide a support system for individuals with MS.

    Multiple Dates
    Midland, TX 79705See Map
  5. IN PERSON Exercise

    MS Assisted Physical Training: McKinney (Moving with MS)

    Class is designed for those with MS wishing to maintain and gain strength, flexibility, balance, and fatigue resistance for their everyday life.

    Multiple Dates
    McKinney, TX 75070See Map
  6. IN PERSON Exercise

    Art Therapy: Houston (Physically Challenged Healing Art)

    This class offers one of the only creative outlets in Houston outside of a clinical setting for physically challenged individuals. Students work in all mediums equal with their capabilities.

    Multiple Dates
    Houston, TX 77006See Map
  7. ONLINE You CAN!

    You CAN!

    You CAN! is brought to you with the help of Can Do Multiple Sclerosis (formerly The Heuga Center for Multiple Sclerosis) as a reminder that despite the challenges MS may bring, you have a whole life to live. Can Do Multiple Sclerosis teaches people with MS to focus on what they ‘can do’ in life instead of what they cannot, empowering them to live fuller, more productive lives.

  8. PRINT Complementary and Alternative Medicines

    Complementary and Alternative Medicine and Multiple Sclerosis (book)

    With this book, readers will be able to find other options that may provide symptomatic relief when conventional therapies are limited,learn about potentially dangerous interactions between CAM therapies and medical treatments used in the management of MS, identify CAM therapies that are effective, low risk and inexpensive, and recognize ineffective, dangerous or costly alternative therapies.

  9. VIDEO Symptom Management

    Managing Symptoms in MS: Bladder Dysfunction (video)

    This video features Nancy Holland, EdD, RN, MSCN, who discusses diagnosing bladder problems associated with multiple sclerosis and strategies for managing the symptoms.

  10. VIDEO Emotional Health

    Mood Changes and MS, Part 3: Diagnosing and Treating Depression (video)

    This video features a discussion on diagnosing and treating depression in people with multiple sclerosis.