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Find Resources and Support

The Society offers many programs and services to help people affected by MS live their best lives. Find resources in your area to learn, connect, and get support.

  1. TELEPHONE Family and Relationships

    Carepartner Teleconference Series: Strengthening Family Resilience

    MS happens to families, not just to individuals. Listen to this call and learn about coping strategies to help individuals and families handle the challenges associated with daily care giving. The registration deadline for this call is July 29, 2014.

  2. IN PERSON Social and Emotional support

    MS Kids Camp

    The National Multiple Sclerosis Society, Central & Eastern Virginia Chapter is pleased to extend an invitation to children ages 7-15 of a parent or guardian living with multiple sclerosis for a weekend of fun and learning at Camp Jumonville in Hopwood, Pennsylvania. Join other children for a weekend of swimming, zip lines and more. This special weekend offers a great opportunity for kids who have a parent or guardian with MS to connect with each another in a fun and supportive environment.

  3. TELEPHONE Mobility & Accessibility

    Carepartner Teleconference Series: How to Make Your Life Easier

    Just as there are a wide range of abilities and disabilities among people with MS, there are a wide range of caregiving activities. Join us for this call as we discuss the array of mobility aids, tools, technology, adaptive strategies, and environmental modifications available to help carepartners conserve energy, simplify work, and ensure safety for everyone. The registration deadline for this call is August 12, 2014.

  4. VIDEO Family and Relationships

    MS & Pregnancy: Kara's Story Part 2 (video)

    This video features part two of a discussion about pregnancy and multiple sclerosis.

  5. VIDEO Nutrition

    Vitamin D (video)

    Explores the factors people must consider when making treatment and lifestyle decisions, including when to begin treatment, the role information overload can play in decision making, and how to weigh the benefits and risks of a treatment or lifestyle decision. Excerpt from 2013 North American Education Program.

  6. ONLINE Social gatherings and networking

    My Solutions

    The Central & Eastern Virginia Chapter invites those living with MS in their 20’s and 30’s to join an online based MS support group just for them!

  7. VIDEO MS Education

    MS Next Step®

    Hearing the diagnosis of MS is never easy. MS Next Step is designed to answer questions that are commonly asked immediately following a diagnosis and provides an introduction to MS and the programs and services of the National MS Society. (Available in Spanish.)

  8. ONLINE Everyday Matters

    Everyday Matters

    Everyone has their own idea of their best life. For people living with multiple sclerosis, the idea of that “best life” can change due to the challenges of having a chronic, unpredictable and lifelong disease. The National MS Society’s Everyday Matters, supported by Genzyme, a Sanofi company, was an interactive national project that uncovered stories of real people facing the everyday challenges that MS can bring on the path to one’s best life.

  9. ONLINE Social gatherings and networking

    MS Connection Online Community is an online community that provides the opportunity to connect with people involved in the MS movement and with valuable content, activities and resources.

  10. ONLINE Emotional Health

    Depression and MS (.pdf)

    Symptoms of depression, the relationship between MS and depression, available therapies, and where to find help. (last updated November 2011)