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Raise Awareness

Every connection counts when it comes to increasing awareness and support of our cause.


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Awareness - Every Connection Counts

We are unwavering in our commitment to be at the forefront of building awareness for multiple sclerosis and everyone affected by it. The disease and the MS movement — those engaged in addressing the challenges of MS today while moving toward long-term solutions for tomorrow — become better known each year, but more must be done.

Every connection counts when it comes to increasing awareness and support of our cause. Every individual we connect with personally, every letter we write to an elected official, every person in our Facebook network, every poster we put up, every dollar we raise, every video viewed — each connection has the opportunity to change the world for people affected by MS.

MS Awareness Week

MS Awareness Week 2014 was March 3 - 9 and people everywhere created connections stronger than the ones MS destroys. During this special week and all year, take action to help others learn more about MS and what they can do to make a difference.

2014 MS Awareness Week Recap

A recap of MS Awareness activities around the country during MS Awareness Week 2014.

Opportunities in your community


In 2013, the Chapter contacted local news anchors in Richmond and encouraged them to wear orange in support of this week.  In addition to donning that signature orange, many anchors— including Rob Cardwell, CBS 6, Andrew Freiden, NBC 12, Amy Lacey, WRIC 8, Morgan Dean WRIC 8 and Amie McLain, WRIC 8—gave a shout-out to their audience about the National MS Society, multiple sclerosis, and MS Awareness Week through their live telecasts and social media accounts.  This year, the Chapter is increasing exposure by reaching out to more anchors in the Richmond and Hampton Roads areas.  Encourage your local anchors (through letters, Facebook posts and tweets) to wear orange during their live broadcast on Monday, March 3 to raise MS Awareness!


Because EVERY CONNECTION COUNTS, the Chapter would like to invite you to join us as we put together a visual display to spread awareness about MS.  At Flag Down MS, we will CONNECT and decorate a prominent location with orange flags to represent those living with MS in the area. 

March 2 @ 4:30-6:00 PM
Richmond: Innsbrook—Median of Cox Road past Innslake Drive, Glen Allen, VA 23060

March 3 @ 5-6:30 PM
Hampton Roads: Thalia Lynn Baptist Church—4392 Virginia Beach Boulevard, Virginia Beach, VA 23462


Come out and join us on March 7, 2014 at 7:30 pm for our second annual MS Awareness Night with the Norfolk Admirals—and don’t forget to wear orange! Advanced tickets are available at norfolkadmirals.com through group events, code MS14 (online reduced price tickets available through 5pm March 5th). A portion of every ticket sold through our group code will come back to the chapter, so spread the word to your family, friends, and co-workers.

No matter where you live, what you do and who you are, there are lots of ways to participate in MS Awareness Week.

Share why you connect

Create your own connection image to share with your network and include in our gallery, then explore the gallery to learn about the connections that will help us end MS forever.

Visit MSconnection.org

Take action

Join an Event

From Walk MS to Bike MS, Challenge Walk, Muckfest, and DIY fundraising , there's an event for everyone. 

Join an Event

Join an Event

Download and share

Help others learn about multiple sclerosis

Helping others better understand this complex and unpredictable disease is a critical part of creating awareness and understanding about MS.
You can view and easily share the videos below, and many other videos available on the Society’s YouTube channel to help others better understand MS and the experience of living with the disease.

MS Connection PSA

Multiple sclerosis destroys connections. It disconnects the mind from the body and people from each other. Defy this disease with the very thing it seeks to destroy: connections. Every Connection Counts: why do you connect? www.MSconnection.org

MS Impacts Us All

Creating awareness is something each of us is committed to — and can act on today. By lending our individual voices, each and every one of us can lay the groundwork for the most viral MS awareness activity to date — by simply sharing.

NOW MS Research

More than 20,000 researchers go to work to create a world free of MS every day. We can stop the disease in its tracks, restore what's been lost, and end this disease forever. Our commitment to people with MS isn't to just get it done, but to do it NOW.

What Is MS?

This video shows what happens in the central nervous system when a person has multiple sclerosis.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 


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