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Psychosocial Support


Psychosocial support (.pdf) encompasses five key components that are ongoing throughout the disease course:

  • Disease-related education (“psychoeducation”) – a supportive, educational process designed to enhance understanding of the disease and promote adaptive coping strategies
  • Diagnosis and treatment of emotional and/or cognitive (.pdf) problems
  • Family Interventions designed to support family members’ efforts to cope with illness-related challenges
  • Support for people’s efforts to remain productively employed as long as they want to and are able
  • Connection to available resources for your patients, including comprehensive information about the Affordable Care Act

Click here to see a model of patient-centered psychosocial support.

The publication series, Talking with Your MS Patients about Difficult Topics, models effective conversations with patients about topics including:

and more.

A variety of tools and resources are available to support your clinical work.


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