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Symptom and Relapse Management During Pregnancy


Many of the medications used to manage MS symptoms are Category C drugs (e.g., baclofen for spasticity; fluoxetine for depression; solifenacin succinate for bladder management) and should not be used during pregnancy; other management strategies should be implemented.

MS-related fatigue may augment the normal fatigue of pregnancy; bladder and bowel symptoms may increase, including a higher risk of urinary tract infections and increased constipation; balance problems may worsen with weight gain.

Relapses severe enough to warrant treatment can be safely managed with a short course of corticosteroids after the first trimester. Methylprednisolone is the preferred drug because it is metabolized before crossing the placenta (Ferrero et al., 2004). IVIG is safe for use during pregnancy and may provide some benefit (Ferrero et al., 2004).