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Campaign Digital Activism


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Make your connections count

First, learn how to find and connect with your public officials and other MS activists in social media. Then get talking! 

Make sure your messages are heard by using the hashtag #MSactivist in your messages in Facebook and all other social media (not just Twitter). Use one or two additional hashtags based on importance – such as:

If it’s important that your followers or officials know where you’re from, use your two-letter state abbreviation as a hashtag, such as #CA, #NE, #TX or #DMV (DC/Maryland/Virginia).

Current advocacy issue - Neurological Data & 21st Century Cures

A long-awaited draft of the 21st Century Cures Act was circulated by the House Energy and Commerce Committee – including the Advancing Research for Neurological Diseases Act (H.R. 292) supported by the Society! H.R. 292 will create a nationwide system to track the incidence and prevalence of neurological diseases, including MS, which could one day lead to a cure. On March 24th, the U.S. Senate introduced an identical bill: S. 849.
To help raise awareness and increase the number of cosponsors we’ve developed the following sample messages to circulate on Twitter using the hashtags #NeuroData, #MSactivist and #Cures2015:
  • Can you reach out to Congress to let them know that accelerating MS research is a priority? Join us --> #MSactivist
  • HR 292 and S 849 #neurodata bills help MS researchers better understand MS and other neurological diseases. #MSactivist
If your U.S. Representative and/or U.S. Senators have cosponsored H.R. 292 and/or S. 849, thank them!:
  • @(include your member of congress) thank you for making accelerating MS research a priority as an #MSactivist! #NeuroData 

Current advocacy issue - complex rehabilitation technology

Support Access to Complex Rehabilitation Technology (create a separate Medicare benefit for complex rehab power wheelchairs).

If your member of Congress hasn't sponsored the complex rehab bill yet:

  • @representative Please support #HR1516 which provides #complexrehab technology to #Medicare recipients. I’m an #MSactivist

If your elected official has sponsored the complex rehab bill, thank him/her:

  • @representative, thank you for signing #complexrehab #HR1516 led by @RepJoeCrowley & @JimPressOffice #MSactivist

MS Research Funding

Ask your member of Congress to support the National Institutes of Health and the Congressionally Directed Medical Research Program:

  • .@publicofficial please support $10 mil for the MS @CDMRP in fiscal year 2016 #MSresearch
  • .@publicofficial please support $32 bil for the @NIH in fiscal year 2016 #MSresearch

If your member of Congress signed onto the MS research funding letters, thank him/her:

  • Thank you to @publicofficial for supporting #MSresearch through the MS @CDMRP
  • Thank you to @publicofficial for supporting #MSresearch through the MS @NIH

How to use sample posts

On Twitter, replace @senator or @representative or @publicofficial with your official’s Twitter handle, #DearSenator or #DearHouseRep (respectively or) #DearCongress. A period (.) in front of an @mention ensures that all of your followers see the tweet.

On Facebook, either:

  • post on your profile and tag your official (replace @publicofficial with the title of your Senator's or Representative’s Facebook page) or
  • post/comment directly on your official's page and omit @publicofficial.

Thanks for being a digital MS activist!