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Advocacy Hall of Fame


2013 Advocacy Hall of Fame Inductees

Alex O'Connor

Alex is a dedicated volunteer leader who has made advocacy a focus of her life since being diagnosed with MS. Her gift of creativity and drive to speak on behalf people living with MS has helped raise the profile of the Society’s advocacy priorities. Alex’s determination and perseverance have left an indelible impact on legislators, other advocates and everyone she meets.

John Pierce

John was diagnosed with MS 33 years ago. An MS activist leader in Vermont for 15 years, he leverages key personal and professional relationships to support the National MS Society on legislative policy and accessibility issues. He is a face of the Society in his role on local commissions and boards.

John Platt

John is a husband and a father of two daughters. Officially diagnosed with MS in 2005, John connected with the National MS Society. Since then he's become a tireless volunteer. In 2007 John became engaged in policy work and has become one of the Society’s most vocal activists.

Julie Cawthron

Julie has been making a difference in the MS movement since 1998. She is chair of the Arkansas Government Relations Committee and is chair-elect of the Arkansas Leadership Council. Julie was diagnosed with MS in 1995. MS Activism is stronger because of Julie’s skill set and passion.

Liz Thompson

Liz 's diagnosis with MS prompted her volunteer involvement with the National MS Society’s Ohio Buckeye Chapter. As a member of the Government Relations Committee, she has advocated for many issues including accessible accommodations, accessible and affordable healthcare, and long-term care options.

Susan Stellmacher

Susan is the definition of an MS activist. She is fearless, engaged, well-connected, passionate about making positive change for people with MS, and has a powerful story to tell. Whether she is leading a voter-engagement campaign, advocating for accessible and affordable housing, or testifying at legislative hearings, Susan is a true advocate for change.

Past Advocacy Hall of Fame Inductees