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2013 Scientific Researchers Hall of Fame

Bonnie Dittel, PhD

Dr. Dittel is a senior investigator at the Blood Center of Wisconsin-Blood Research Institute and an assistant adjunct professor at the Medical College of Wisconsin. She studies immune system regulation as it relates to MS and recently received a $450,000 grant from the National MS Society to investigate a molecule that suppresses an MS-like disease. Dr. Dittel was a member of the Society’s Research Peer Review Committee from 2007-2012.

Bruce D. Trapp, PhD

Dr. Trapp has dedicated his career to researching MS, especially in regard to understanding brain tissue destruction and myelin repair. At the Cleveland Clinic Foundation he leads a team of researchers who are studying brain and spinal cord tissue donations to better understand MS and find new MS treatments. Dr. Trapp received the John Dystel Prize for MS Research and Stephen C. Reingold Research Award.

Claudia Lucchinetti, MD

Dr. Lucchinetti of the Mayo Clinic and principal investigator of the MS Lesion Project is working to better understand the sequence of nervous system damage in MS in an effort to stop disease progression. In addition to her ground-breaking research, Dr. Lucchinetti is a frequent contributor to patient and professional education programs and has recruited colleagues and many others to join the MS movement.

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