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Advocate for Yourself

Understand how to effectively communicate your interests, desires, needs and rights — and to negotiate to resolve them.

Diagnosed in 2005


Self advocacy means speaking up for oneself. It refers to your ability to effectively communicate an interest, desire, need, or right — and negotiate to resolve it. It also means making informed decisions and taking responsibility for them. Effective self-advocates understand individual strengths and needs, identify personal goals, and recognize legal rights and responsibilities. Learn more about general self-advocacy in this guide.    

Self advocacy in your life

The principles, tactics and resources that support self advocacy vary a great deal by setting, situation and context. Resources have been developed to support your efforts in settings that include:

  • Employment — to evaluate options and proactively use legal protections and resources to maintain employment or re-enter the workforce

  • Family — to explore and address a variety of issues which may arise within the family context

Video Series

Self-Advocacy Video Series

  • Getting More From Your Healthcare Team- Featuring Marion Brandis, MA, RN, BSN discussing how to navigate the medical system and taylor your treatments.
  • Palliative Care- Featuring Maura Del Bene, NP-P, ANP discussing how to seek palliative care, dispelling the myths of palliative care.
  • Disability Care Centers- Featuring Rachel Stacom, ANP, MSCN, discussing new ways of looking at long-term care and how to create a care plan




Advocate for Yourself

Advocate for Yourself

Featuring Rachel Stacom, ANP, MSCN, this video addresses how people with multiple sclerosis need to advocate for themselves.

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