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Participate in a Clinical Trial

Research volunteers are critical for progress.


Clinical Trials In Your Area

Interested in clinical trials? Simply search by state, type of MS or keyword and see what’s going on in your area.

  1. Clinical Trial: Memory retraining

    Double-blind, placebo-controlled study to determine the effectiveness of a memory rehabilitation technique in improving new learning and memory in people with MS
  2. Clinical Trial: Medical Food

    A placebo-controlled study to determine the potential benefits of a Medical Food on cognitive impairment in people with MS. Read more here .
  3. Research Study: Vitamin A & D

    A research study to compare the level of vitamin A in people with relapsing remitting and secondary progressive Multiple Sclerosis who have a normal vitamin D level or are supplemented with Vitamin D to get them to a normal level. Read more
  4. Clinical Trial: Computerized Cognitive Exercise Training

    Comparing two different computer-based cognitive training programs in people with all types of MS and CIS in a 12-week study, to determine effects on compliance, performance on study tasks and neuropsychological measures, quality of life and functional status. Compensation...
  5. Warm and Cold Compress to Reduce Injection Site Erythema Due to Peginterferon-beta-1a in MS

    A pilot study of warm and cold compress to reduce injection site erythema due to peginterferon beta-1a in multiple sclerosis.
  6. Oral RPC1063

    Investigators worldwide are recruiting 1200 people with relapsing MS for a study testing the effectiveness of two different doses of the experimental oral therapy RPC1063 (Receptos, Inc.) versus Avonex® (interferon beta-1a, Biogen Inc.) at reducing the rate of relapses.  ...


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Clinical Trials in MS

The latest clinical research in MS, including trials funded by the Society and trials in progressive MS.

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NARCOMS Patient Registry

This registry of people willing to participate in MS research was initiated by the Consortium of MS Centers to facilitate multicenter studies. As of May 2007, the number of participants surpassed 37,000. Information is available in Spanish. Read more about Narcoms here or visit the website by clicking below.



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