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Developing and achieving employment goals can be accomplished despite your MS diagnosis.

Diagnosed in 2004


As a complex and unpredictable disease, MS can have varying effects on a person’s ability to work. New symptoms might make you question whether you can continue working and, when those symptoms subside, you might wonder why you were worried about work at all.
People living with MS often continue working long after their diagnosis. On the flip side, some people with MS decide to leave their jobs when they are first diagnosed or experience their first major exacerbation, often at the suggestion of their family or doctor. This decision is often made too quickly and at a time when symptoms can color judgment. Disease-modifying drugs, new technologies, better symptom management, legal employment protections and community resources can help you remain in the workforce.
Developing and achieving employment goals can be accomplished despite your MS diagnosis – and education and preparation can be your most powerful secret weapon. The National MS Society is here to work with you as you navigate your employment options. We have the resources to add to your employment tool kit.

2015 Employment Telelearning Program

Thursday, February 12
Legal Basics – Know Your Rights

Thursday, February 26
Managing Cognitive Symptoms and Fatigue in the Workplace

Thursday, March 12
Supports to Help You Find Employment

Thursday, March 26
Guide to Flexible and Home-Based Jobs

All calls begin at 8pm ET/ 7 CT/ 6 MT/ 5 PT.

Register now- Online or by calling 1-800-344-4867.  Each telelearning will be recorded and made available online.

Know Your Rights

Understanding the legal protections available to you is one way to help you maintain your place in the workforce. These resources will help you understand your rights:

Employment Matters: Managing MS in the Workplace
Featured Video series

Employment Matters: Managing MS in the Workplace

Learn how to navigate the complexities of managing work and MS through this six-part video series and companion toolkit

Part 1- Thinking Proactively About Employment

Part 2- Recent Changes to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

Part 3- Disclosure in the Workplace

Part 4- Managing Fatigue in the Workplace

Part 5- Managing Cognitive Challenges in the Workplace

Part 6- Assistive Technology and the Workplace

Vocational Rehabilitation Counseling

Vocational Rehabilitation Counseling

Learn how rehabilitation counseling can help maintain employment

Online Course

Career Decisions: Relationship Matters

This online class focuses on the person wtih MS, but emphasizes the experience a couple may face when dealing with these life-changing decisions together.  Join below or download registration instructions.

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The Win-Win Approach to Reasonable Accommodations: Enhancing Productivity on Your Job

A practical guide to obtaining workplace accommodations.

Download Now

Download Now

Self Advocacy- Employment

Learn more about employment options and how to be proactive in using the legal protections and resources available to maintain employment and/or re-enter the workforce.

Read More

Read More

Effective Accommodation Practices

Practical guidance for medical professionals to help patients write effective accomodation request letters. 

Learn More

Learn More