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Employment, Insurance & Money Matters


  1. A Social Security Disability Psychological Claims Handbook (book)

    A guidebook on how to proceed with claims made for psychiatric/psychological impairments and for which someone is seeking adult Social Security Disability benefits. Includes explanations of work, evidence, who should provide reports and in what form, the listings of disorders, what to do if denied or claim is delayed, resources for finding legislators, Disability regional offices, glossary of terms.

  2. Employment Issues and Multiple Sclerosis (book)

    Employment Issues and Multiple Sclerosis, 2nd Edition is a must read for any person with MS who has a question regarding employment and disability. Chapters cover everything from vocational rehabilitation to job placement, and the laws covering employment.

  3. Health Insurance Resources: A Guide for People with Chronic Disease and Disability, 2nd Edition (book)

    The second edition of Health Insurance Resources: A Guide for People with Chronic Disease and Disability continues to be a uniquely helpful reference for those who need and use health insurance most often but have the least access to it. The book was developed to assist individuals living with disability and chronic health conditions, as well as health care professionals, in understanding the health care system and maximizing their rights and entitlements within that system.