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General Information


  1. African Americans and Multiple Sclerosis (.pdf)

    It is a myth that African Americans don't get MS. Become engaged with programs and resources supporting optimal care and living well with MS. (last updated 2012)

  2. Choosing the Right Health-Care Provider (.pdf)

    Outlines some steps people with MS should take when choosing a healthcare provider—and explains how professionals come to be listed on chapters’ referral lists. (last updated February 2013)

  3. Connecting with Others Living with MS (.pdf)

    Outlines resources available from the National MS Society that can help you connect with others who share similar life experiences with MS. Choose from one-on-one conversations, group/social settings or online resources for your peer connections.

  4. Genetics—The Basic Facts (.pdf)

    Basic facts about MS and heredity. (last updated March 2009)

  5. History of Multiple Sclerosis (.pdf)

    MS from the Middle Ages to the present, highlighting Society presence since 1946. By Dr. Loren Rolak. (last updated April 2009)

  6. MS Navigator (.pdf)

    Finding answers and making sound decisions relies on having the right information at the right time. That’s what the National MS Society provides — answers to your questions and access to information about the options available to you.

  7. Multiple Sclerosis: Just the Facts (.pdf)

    Frequently asked questions about MS and the National MS Society. (last updated August 2013)

  8. Publications & Resources for People Living with MS (.pdf)

    A comprehensive "quick reference" including resources for newly diagnosed, families and in Spanish, with information about connections, financial impact, employment, pediatric MS, scholarships and more.

  9. Research Directions in MS: Progress & Strategies (.pdf)

    Explains the Society’s comprehensive research approaches to stopping MS in its tracks, restoring what’s been lost, and ending MS forever. For nonscientists. (last updated December 2011)

  10. The MS Disease-Modifying Medications (.pdf)

    Information on the disease-modifying medications (Aubagio® Avonex®, Betaseron®, Copaxone®, Extavia®, GilenyaTM, Novantrone®, Rebif® , TecfideraTM and Tysabri®). Includes how each is taken, side effects, benefits, and available help. (last updated April 2013).

  11. What Is Multiple Sclerosis (.pdf)

    Symptoms, disease patterns, diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, and research efforts. (last updated May 2014)