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Managing Specific Issues


  1. "But You Look So Good" (.pdf)

    Coping with invisible MS symptoms. (last updated August 2012)

  2. Bowel Problems (.pdf)

    Ways to manage common bowel problems in MS. (last updated February 2009)

  3. Controlling Spasticity (.pdf)

    Managing this common, sometimes disabling, MS symptom—roles of self-help, medications, physical therapists, nurses, and physicians. (last updated May 2014)

  4. Depression and MS (.pdf)

    Symptoms of depression, the relationship between MS and depression, available therapies, and where to find help. (last updated November 2011)

  5. Fatigue: What You Should Know (.pdf)

    MS fatigue can be reduced with treatments and self-help. (last updated January 2012)

  6. Gait or Walking Problems (.pdf)

    Walking problems and how they can be addressed. (last updated May 2010)

  7. Hormones (.pdf)

    Frequently asked questions about MS and hormones. (last updated 2005)

  8. MS and the Mind (.pdf)

    A reprint from InsideMS. Covers depression, cognitive functions, mood swings, coping tips and medications. (last updated June 2008)

  9. MS and Pregnancy (.pdf)

    Covers pregnancy, delivery, nursing, hormones, and questions about the disease-modifying drugs. (last updated May 2006)

  10. Pain: The Basic Facts (.pdf)

    An overview of treatments and strategies for managing MS-related pain. (last updated 2004)

  11. Sleep Disorders and MS: The Basic Facts (.pdf)

    Reviews common sleep problems and what can be done about them. (last updated 2003)

  12. Solving Cognitive Problems (.pdf)

    Discusses mental functions most likely to be affected by MS. Self-help and and information on cognitive rehabilitation. By Nick LaRocca, PhD, with Martha King. (last updated November 2011)

  13. Speech and Swallowing Problems (.pdf)

    Speech and swallowing problems can be helped with exercise, medications, or technological aids. (last updated March 2009)

  14. Tremor The Basic Facts (.pdf)

    A troubling MS symptom described. Coping strategies and research horizons. (last updated 2004)

  15. Urinary Dysfunction and MS (.pdf)

    Sophisticated explanation of treatments for MS-related urinary problems. Detailed descriptions of diagnostic testing, management strategies, and commonly prescribed drugs. By Nancy J. Holland, RN, EdD, MSCN and Nancy Reitman, RN, MA, MSCN. (last updated February 2013)

  16. Vision Problems (.pdf)

    Current therapy for MS-related eye disorders. Discusses low-vision aids. (last updated November 2008)

  17. Review of Regular Medications and Supplements (.pdf)

    A form to help people keep track of their prescription drugs, over-the-counter remedies, herbals, vitamins, or other dietary supplements.