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Sometimes moving forward means sitting on the couch and watching T.V. The videos found here can help you on your personal journey of living with MS. 

These videos can be requested by contacting an MS Navigator at 1-800-344-4867, unless noted otherwise.

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  1. But You Look So Well…(DVD)

    This video focuses on several people newly diagnosed with MS who have no visible signs of the disease. This video will be of most value to those newly diagnosed by showing them that they might live with MS, but they can also have a career, a family, and, most important, a valuable life.

  2. Career Crossroads: Employment and MS (DVD)

    Developed by employment and MS experts to help individuals living with MS remain in the workforce. The information is applicable to all people with disabilities or chronic health conditions.

  3. Employment Matters: Managing MS in the Workplace (DVD)

    This video series is designed to provide tips to help you succeed in maintaining employment. Topics include: thinking proactively; the ADA; disclosure; managing fatigue & cognition; assistive technology. The resource guide provides information on resume writing, job searches, preparing for an interview, and government assistance programs. Closed captions are available by selecting the CC button on the toolbar that appears below the video in YouTube and selecting on.

  4. Fatigue: Take Control (DVD)

    An extensive look at how medicine, exercise, managing your environment and making proactive energy choices can help to manage the fatigue associated with MS. This video is intended to be used in a group format and led by a professional.

  5. Free From Falls (DVD)

    Free From Falls is a comprehensive fall prevention program for people with multiple sclerosis. This DVD provides an introduction and overview of fall risk and prevention. The target audience is people with MS who are ambulatory (alone or with a cane, walking stick or crutch).

  6. From Advocates to Activists (DVD)

    Hear what MS activism means to people with MS and elected officials and how activism is moving us closer to a world free of MS.

  7. Making Treatment & Lifestyle Decisions: Thinking About Benefits & Risks (video & DVD)

    Explores the factors people must consider when making treatment and lifestyle decisions, including when to begin treatment, the role information overload can play in decisionmaking, and how to weigh the benefits and risks of a treatment or lifestyle decision.

  8. Managing Bladder and Bowel Issues in MS (video & DVD)

    People with MS may find that bladder and bowel symptoms prevent them from fully interacting with their community, friends and family. It doesn’t need to be that way. Once diagnosed, these common MS symptoms are manageable and treatable. Learn about the latest advances and recommendations from clinicians at the forefront of MS research and treatment, and from people living with MS as they share experiences and insights.

  9. Managing Pain and Sleep Issues in MS (video & DVD)

    Pain and sleep disorders often cause confusion and frustration for people with MS, their loved ones, and healthcare providers. Learn from scientists and clinicians about strategies for symptom management, available treatment options, and ongoing research to identify the cause of pain and sleep disorders in MS.

  10. Mood & Cognition in MS: [What you can do] (video & DVD)

    Our understanding of the role that cognition and mood play in a person’s experience of multiple sclerosis has expanded dramatically in recent years. Learn why and how people with MS experience changes in mood and cognitive functioning, and the latest information on how these symptoms can be addressed—from physical activity, medications and counseling to self-management strategies.

  11. MS Next Step® (DVD)

    MS Next Step®, a booklet and DVD, answers questions that are commonly asked immediately following a diagnosis and provides helpful resources. Materials are available in Spanish including DVD subtitles. If you are newly diagnosed and would like to receive a copy of MS Next Step®, please request your copy at 1-800-344-4867 or contactusnmss@nmss.org.

  12. Pediatric MS: Understanding for Today, HOPE for Tomorrow (DVD)

    This video features families with children who have multiple sclerosis, as well as researchers who are studying pediatric multiple sclerosis. The program is narrated by a person who was diagnosed with MS as a teenager.

  13. Primary-Progressive MS: Perspectives on Moving Forward (DVD and book)

    A companion DVD to the book Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis: What You Need to Know, this program profiles five people living with primary-progressive MS, who offer their strategies for managing the disease and moving forward with their lives.

  14. Timmy’s Journey to Understanding MS (DVD)

    Timmy’s Journey to Understanding MS is an animated cartoon that shares a little boy's adventure learning about MS. David Lander is the voice of Captain Kip S’myelin, Timmy’s guide on his journey. The cartoon is an excellent resource to talk with children about MS. Developed for children ages 5-12, but appropriate for all ages.

  15. Tips for Building Modular Ramps and Steps (DVD)

    Tips for Building Modular Ramps and Steps is the companion piece to the MCIL manual, "How to Build Ramps." The video and manual serve as a how to guide on building modular ramps and stairs.

  16. Working For Me: Research In Understanding and Treating Progressive MS (DVD)

    Progression in multiple sclerosis is one of the most frustrating and elusive aspects of the disease. In this video you will hear from scientists, clinicians, and those living with the disease discuss: causes of MS progression, who is more likely to have a progressive course, and what can be done to stop progression.